American Airlines & Delta join JetBlue in requiring facial masks on U.S. flights

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Airlines are still operating?


If they start requiring this, without providing masks, then there’s going to be problems. Where are the customers supposed to get masks? You still can’t buy them- even hospitals have trouble acquiring them.


Airlines are going to be doing anything in order to keep people flying.

You are still crammed inside a cattle car 30,000 ft in the sky breathing recycled air.


I don’t think the requirement is for N95 masks, but for face coverings of some sort.

It will be great if the airlines do provide the masks, but how is it any different than the states/cities that are requiring face coverings if you’re going to be out in public places? It’s just going to be how it is for the foreseeable future.

If/when I have to start flying again, I’m assuming that I’ll be wearing a mask from the moment I pull up into the airport to the moment I get to where I’m going, and I would hope that whoever I’m sitting next to on the plane has the good sense to do so as well.

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You know damn well others will not be so disciplined.

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