American Airlines threatened to arrest me, says woman whose seat was continuously punched by man sitting behind her

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Air travel is a nightmare i would not subject myself to as part of any type of travel for pleasure. I also do not have to travel for work thank goodness.


Fuck that last row dude. Them’s the breaks when you sit in the last row. As a frequent business flyer (and a tall one at that) I’ve been in all types of physically uncomfortable seatings, including the last row, which I try to avoid at all costs. That’s just part of air travel if you aren’t wealthy enough to afford first class. And reclining is totally legit, I recline as soon as the “ding” goes off. Again, fuck that last row dude in the video.

Also, where were the other men on the flight in all of this? I’d like to think I’d intervene in this case. I probably would have traded seats with the asshole, in fact. I don’t know, this kind of thing bugs the shit out of me.


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Your ticket covers the whole seat
but you’ll only need THE EDGE!!!


I’m going to take “punching” for $800 for being at fault.

but I have yet to see the over-under from Vegas.


Or just “other people”? We shouldn’t need white knights. We just need a few people men or women to perk up and say, hey “WTF asshole cut that shit out or we will report you for a midair disturbance.”


Why can’t we all just get along? I like to think of the ideal scenario: women asks passenger behind, man says “it’s tight back here — would you only recline a little?” Problem solved.

But really, this is likes rats in a cage turning on each other. They should be pissed at the airline for seeking up the plane’s seat the close together.


Interesting since the law is the following:

“Use of still and video cameras, film or digital, is permitted only for recording personal events. Photography or video recording of airline personnel, equipment, or procedures is strictly prohibited.”

I am fairly certain this was in fact a “personal” event.

@Joaquin_Vargas just as an aside, yes generally first class is significantly more…but not always. It takes a bit of leg work of course to compare things and some luck on the timing; but, sometimes a first class seat ends up being only nominally more than the upgraded main cabin seats. I’m not up for paying twice as much to fly for only a couple hours. But when I do cross country (my two best friends live in LA and San Fran, and my wife and I frequent Vegas); if its only a couple hundred more its well worth it for the comfort.


Wow, this story keeps getting shittier.


Honestly I rarely recline my seat on an airplane and I always travel coach. I’m far more concerned with having some ability to stretch my legs than the angle of my upper body.


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Eh. Fuck that dude, but also fuck the airlines. They created that situation by shoving in more seats rather than taking out a row or two and giving passengers more space.

Also, fuck the flight attendant for telling a passenger to delete a video on threat of arrest.

The law is that you can’t interfere with the flight crew in the performance of their duties. The flight crew has no jurisdiction or duties regarding the intellectual property of the passengers, especially if it’s to cover up a situation the flight crew should have prevented or dealt with.


Let’s hope someone’s still around to read it by the time you publish.


Being 6’ 4" on some airliners my knees are up against the seat back before it is even reclined. The last flight I was on ~6hrs to London the woman in front couldn’t even recline her seat the full way because it hit my knees about half way. Often reclining my seat doesn’t even really help with this so I always try to make sure the person behind me has enough room before I recline. He’s not dealing with it in a mature way but she is crushing his legs and i doubt that this is the entirety of the interaction especially if the airline felt the need to threaten her.


Really? Most of what I have seen revolves around him not being able to watch media on his phone in his preferred manner.

She has disclosed that she has a disability, but apparently is not supposed to avail herself of the accommodation she paid for.

All I keep seeing is people scrambling to make a woman responsible for a man’s rage. How dare she not acquiesce to his demands to make her happy.

It’s a sexist, ableist toxic stew.


Only assholes recline their seats on planes/trains/buses.

Punching doesn’t seem like a good solution. I just ask the person in front of me to stop reclining. Most people comply.




That’s a helluva an understatement.


so…how many other perfectly legitimate and legal things do you fine as “only assholes do XYZ”?


Did we watch the same video and read the same story? Because I do not recall ever seeing anything about his legs being crushed.