American Airlines threatened to arrest me, says woman whose seat was continuously punched by man sitting behind her

idk all i saw was her video and he looks pretty tall. This looks like the tail end of a really dumb argument. The fact that the airline felt the need to threaten her makes me think that there is more to this story than entitled d’bag tries to intimidate woman. I have a feeling that both these people felt entitled to the space and dealt with the situation poorly.


so…how many other perfectly legitimate and legal things do you fine as “only assholes do XYZ”?

It’s perfectly legal to sit right next to another passenger on an otherwise empty bus.

It’s perfectly legal to wear a 10 gallon cowboy hat into a movie theater, obstructing the view of the people behind you.

Hell, it’s perfectly legal to cut in front of someone in a queue.

Just because something is legal doesn’t mean it’s not an act of assholery.

Economy class on planes is already cramped, and by moving your seat back you are expanding the space available to you at the expense of the space allocated to the person behind you, because you think your comfort trumps their comfort. Seems like kind of a dick move to me.




It may be perfectly legitimate and legal, but it’s a zero-sum system: by reclining, you marginally improve your own comfort, while directly reducing the comfort of the person behind you.

Choosing to enrich yourself at the expense of others is pretty textbook asshole in my book.


Since Frauenfelder seems to be restarting this discussion on another topic, we may as well address that as well:

Because the lady was in the video she took, it qualifies as a legal “personal” video selfie. The airline flight attendant was off-base in demanding it be deleted.

Airlines need to realize they are not immune to being held accountable for bad behavior, just as criminals are now, through the prevalence of running video recording devices.


Your perception (and those that share your view) is completely out of touch with reality. You see seat reclining like this…

Its not. At all.

And the idea that someone reclining their seat (the standard recline is 8") is somehow some 1$er “enriching yourself” while punishing the lesser masses is absolutely ludicrous.

Flying is a privilege, not a right. If you hate it that much, don’t do it.


Idk maybe i am just having flashbacks to my last flight. Im not trying to defend the dude in any way he’s clearly a petulant child i thought that was clear from the video. But everyone paid to be in that space people need to think about each other. if he was just upset that his tray table was not at the right angle to watch his phone then yeh…

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Is advance seat reservation not a thing in the USA?

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Thank you for informing me that my personal experince is incorrect. I was not aware that I could not trust my own senses and memory.


When people with disabilities/disabled people (please note, different individuals have different preferences in whether to use PFL or IFL) have trouble trusting so-called progressives, this thread is a good illustration of why.

Any time someone tries to use or advocate for legally required accommodations (for those of you in the US, I suggest becoming familiar with the ADA, if you actually care), there is a rush of people, many who wave proudly their progressive credentials, insisting they are selfish, wrong, picking on workers or small businesses, etc.

There is a ton of that here. Everybody is concerned about his comfort/inconvenience. No one is concerned about the fact that maybe she needs to recline if she wants to get off that plane in a couple of hours.

As for the airline trying to intimidate her – I believe it. Airlines have a horrible record when it comes to accommodating disabilities, even to the point of ADA noncompliance. This is like the cops saying that you can’t record an arrest: they don’t want their misdeeds being revealed.

What’s sad is how so many people who call themselves leftist are willing to do corporate’s dirty work for them.


Problem with that image is that his knees seem to have space.

It may be cramped but I am always able to juggle stuff to eat. I have had the seat ahead slammed into my knees. I have not flown much recently so not sure how bad current state of distance is.

As for who is wrong: do we have the little girl saying why not all of the above rather why not both?


I find that I don’t generally recline the seat that much because I don’t really like it when people recline their seat in front of me also it doesn’t really help with the leg room.


I can get behind the woman being wrong for reporting it to the FBI. I can get behind her being wrong if we had some knowledge of her behavior being mean or deliberately spiteful. But we don’t. What did she do based on what we see…she reclined her seat, reported this guy’s behavior to the Attendant, and has now been shamed and ridiculed for the obscene crime of “reclining her seat”.

If reclining a seat on a flight is what constitutes grounds for the cancel culture…then we are more fucked than ever before.


I am not concerned about his convenience or comfort. However having had the metal frame of the seat ahead line up with my knees when it get slammed into me makes one generically more sympathetic to the person being reclined into rather than the person reclining.

I have enough back pain that there is fair amount of sympathy for a generic person with back issues trying to make it through the flight.


Yeah I don’t know why she is singled out in this encounter.

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I mean we only have her point of view Im not rushing to criticize her but i feel like there is more to this story than we see. Having suffered through a long flight with less than zero knee room i may be biased against those who recline.


And I in the other thread stated without a doubt…I empathize with anyone in the last row…I’ve been there too. While I was on active duty we routinely were given the last row seats as they are the cheapest.

But there is nothing based on what we see…NOTHING…that justifies his behavior. And no one should be shaming her and championing him in any way over what we see.


They’re not totally unrelated, though, at least past a certain height. For me (36" inseam) reclining the seat usually makes it possible for me to angle enough of my legs under the seat in front that I actually can stretch them a bit. Otherwise my knees or shins are banging into the seat back, which in turn means I’m not so much sitting in an upright position as a semi-fetal one.

I won’t recline if I don’t need to, but the idea that it’s morally incumbent on me not to is insane. (Not that you were saying that; see elsewhere.) As with most things dealing with a wide variety of people’s physical limitations, it doesn’t lend itself to hard and fast rules.


yeh he’s clearly a massive ahole my point was that we don’t see the full picture maybe they had a verbal disagreement then she started bouncing the chair into him to piss him off. Maybe his instant reaction to the slightest recline is a sharp punch. Im really not trying to champion him at all.

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Is there a way to cover this story without pushing traffic to TMZ? While we may be at odds on which passenger is wrong, I think we can all agree that TMZ is the absolute worst.