American Apparel founder says he is broke


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down to his last $100,000

I guess it all depends how you define “broke”…


He could probably pick up a few bucks getting on the PUA/MRA speaking circuit.

They’d at least give him some t-shirts.



one of the Discworld novels has the master of the beggar’s guild lamenting that no one is merciful anymore and he has a hard time to cadge a palace for the night and a six-course dinner


Yeah, well, when you have probably the car payments, mortgage payments, etc - rich people bills - then 100K is really nothing.

Sell his house, get something modest, get a new job, and he will be fine. Maybe Urban Outfitters is hiring. What is more hip than an ex-CEO doing retail sales.


I imagine based on his base salary that $100,000 was a few months expenses. The property taxes on his house alone are at least $50,000 a year.

It often is the case that people who acquire high paying jobs start spending all the money they make. You see the same problem with Lottery winners who blow through millions or even tens of millions in a couple years and end up totally broke.

Of course, he still has a $4 million house he could sell (assuming it isn’t mortgaged).


The lesson here is, if you run into a lot of money, don’t get in a big rush to spend it all.


The ashtray and the paddle game and that’s all I need… And this remote control. – The ashtray, the paddle game, and the remote control, and that’s all I need…


11,000 sq foot house? In L.A.? And he’s “broke”? I’d recommend trying to find some work in the modeling agencies, especially for clothing, but I understand sexual harassment is common in that field.

Also, “…when he has to go to New York?” Gee, I have to go to Paris next week, but I can’t seem to find the pocket change. Little help over here?

If I told him to go DIAF, that would be rude and would show a total lack of empathy sympathy for his ordeal.

So, umm, go DIAF, Charney.


It’s very likely he has a mortgage on the house.
Though, I suppose, one could look it up if sufficiently motivated.
I am not.

Is it not well established that this guy was/is a scumbag?


Fucker should sell his house. Most of us could live on the proceeds for the rest of our lives.


It’s hard out here, being rich.


I lied. I looked a bit.
Property taxes for 2015 = $55,559.78 (in two easy-to-pay installments)


I enjoyed this combo.

Carry on.


Hmm…I think there’s an improvement to be made here.


I suppose he could… sell his mansion and buy a more reasonable place. I wish I was down to my last $100,000.


Whatever, sell your house, douche.


Right? Nice mugs both, but do guys assume they look better in black and white?


Want the “real” answer?

I shot it and converted to black and white (sort of) because most avatars are in color. I’m contrary, like that.
Also: black and white (sort of) is (I think, anyway) flattering. And I’m nothing if not vain.

That’s a lie.