American Bar Association asks the US Senate to slow down and call the FBI

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I wish I could expect that the Senate Judiciary Committee would actually listen. :roll_eyes:



do you promise to lie


Is there a precedent for revoking bar certification of a seated federal judge?


“Dr. Ford, it’s not that we don’t believe you, it’s that we just don’t care.”

-The GOP


The ABA is a voluntary organization, and has no power to disbar any attorney. Admission to the bar is regulated at the state level.


I was gonna ask why they don’t just disbar him, but haha just kidding this is also a sham:


Probably because disbarment is not be the kind of thing that can be done overnight (unlike what they actually did)

also, I don’t think they’d disbar him before the investigation (that they say should take place) has completed

yeah, I was readingLinda Greenhouse the other day

In one way, Brett Kavanaugh as a Supreme Court nominee is Clarence Thomas’s opposite. His conventional qualifications are not in doubt. (The American Bar Association committee that deemed him “well qualified,” the organization’s highest rating, had adjudged Clarence Thomas to be only “qualified,” with a minority of the members deeming him “unqualified.”) After a Supreme Court clerkship and 12 years on the federal appellate bench, he has an easy familiarity with the intricacies of the Supreme Court’s docket. His avoidance of direct questions about his substantive views was graceful to the point of tedium, and not a surprise to anyone.

What were those earlier vulnerabilities? His work for the George W. Bush White House, many details of which have never been fully disclosed. His willingness last year, as a judge, to delay an undocumented teenager’s access to an abortion to which she was legally entitled, along with the not inconsiderable prospect that he would provide the long-awaited fifth vote to overturn Roe v. Wade. More fundamentally, there is the weighty argument that a president who may not have been legitimately elected, and who had already filled a Supreme Court seat that everyone knows was President Barack Obama’s to fill, had not earned the right to project onto the court a minority constitutional vision and lock it in place, probably for decades.

It was written before the Ford hearing, though.


I’m sure the Dem members will (at least the ones who now understand that comity is not available). The GOP ones are so morally and ethically bankrupt that they reject their own “gold standards” when it serves their own interests.


Things like this just depress me even more - it’s clearly not going to happen and it reinforces what a farce the whole process has been, and how the Republicans don’t even care about the appearance of doing things properly. At this point, it’s pretty clear they think Kavanaugh did do those things, and they’re actively protecting him - that the prosecutor asking questions in their stead was suddenly dismissed when she started to zero in on an event on his calendar that matched Dr. Ford’s testimony proves it. They simply don’t care if he’s a rapist - all they care about is jamming through his confirmation.


Wait hang on, that was this prick?
I didn’t know that. I mean, it’s not like my opinion of him could get much lower, but…


You Have Replaced Advice and Consent with Search and Destroy -Kavanaugh. The lesson he needs to learn is that no one is entitled to consent


The fact that it would only take two GOP senators to bring this shit-show to a halt is part of what’s keeping me on a knife-edge. kavanaugh’s confirmation is not actually a foregone conclusion. All it takes is a two people. Two people who might night not want to be on record as having voted in favor of confirmation, as this story inevitably gets progressively worse as develops.

I know repubs are scared of Trump’s base, but any one of them who chooses to publicly stand against trump can take McCain’s “maverick” title and become a genuine force.


The GOP may have just traded a congressional majority (and a presidency, eventually) for a seat on SCOTUS. Will it be worth it? Who knows? I wonder if President Warren and the Dem Congress would increase the number of SCOTUS justices to 11, in 2021?

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I just heard that the vote is delayed because an abuse survivor “cornered” Jeff Flake in an elevator & pleaded with him to vote no. Apparently Flake came back to the hearing, looking shaken, & started a quiet discussion with a Democrat friend, & so the vote had not started as scheduled.
ETA: These women are heroes. I am so grateful to them for what they are doing.


Yep. Rachel has clips of the hearing. You can tell he’s trying to figure out how to drag things out long enough so that Doe would be too far into her pregnancy to legally get an abortion by the time they finished jumping through his hoops.


Technically there’s no legal requirement for a SCOTUS Judge to even have a law degree.


What we needed:

You need to read about some of his other verdicts, then! He has a long history of siding with cops, even when juries decide they’re lying. He’s pretty detestable all around, really.