Barrett is Trump's Supreme Court pick to replace RBG

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“Mr. President, are you confident that you will be reelected, and if so, then why don’t you wait until after the election?”

(OT: Actually I really want him to be asked “What do you think Obama did in Obamagate that you don’t think the President is allowed to do?”)


The Republican M.O. is to replace every progressive Justice with an evil one who shares superficial qualities.

Looking to replace progressive Black Justice Thurgood Marshall? Here’s regressive Justice Clarence Thomas! Looking to replace progressive woman Justice RBG? Here’s a regressive woman!

It’s like in the comics when a superhero goes missing and gets replaced by an evil Doppelgänger.


By “epic battle” I assume you mean “Chuck Schumer mildly scolds the chair of the Justice Committee before abstaining from voting, Feinstein probably votes for her.”


Bloody hell; please impeach the muthafucka again.


So we should be looking for someone with a goatee.


Why would impeachment help stop Trump from stacking another conservative in the court? Is an impeached president forced to suspend appointments? BTW, I too want them to wait until the next president is sworn in.

Might work-- an impeachment trial supercedes other Senate business. Barr’s name has been floated.


Keeps the Senate busy so they can’t confirm.


Why would the senate republicans care about following their own rules?


it would be good for everybody to get it over with

This, like his other recent “COVID affects almost nobody”, shows Trump lives in a world where only Republicans exist. No one else matters.


Are we just skipping over the part in the video where he makes the hourglass shape with his hands when he assures the reporter that he will pick a woman?


That’s a legitimate question. I mean, if they aren’t going to follow some of the rules, why follow any of the rules?


If it wasn’t clear already, this is the Mirror Universe


“I think that would be good for the Republican Party, and I think it would be good for everybody to get it over with.”

Things that are good for the Republican Party are, by definition, not good for everybody.


"Growing up, Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World was one of my favorite books. Huxley wrote the novel in 1931, inspired in part by the economic depression in the U.K. But now confronted by an actual dystopia, it’s significantly less fun and more terrifying than I had hoped. America stands on the brink of the unimaginable. We have a president who toys with fascism on the regular, his allies continue to shop a low-key civil war our planet is literally burning, and now our highest court hang in the balance. Replacing RBG would mean tipping the scales. It will absolutely mean the overturning of Roe v. Wade. American women could lose control over their uteruses for the next three or possibly four generations. We throw around the idea that this is the most important fight of our life, but this time it really is. Democrats only need four Republican senators to stop Mitch from filling RBG’s seat.
But more than that, this is the most important election ever. , "This could very well be the last free and fair election of our lifetime. Assuming it’s even free and fair.


And if they thought at all about the future, and not just about the immediate profits, they’d see it isn’t even good for Republicans.


As the proportion of old white dudes steadily declines, the GOP is going to find it harder and harder to get people to vote for them in the future. Their only hope is to hijack policy for the next several decades via court appointments, thereby ensuring that the will of old white dudes continues to rule the country long after those old white dudes are dead.


Yes, an impeachment is one way of tying up the senate, but that presumes Congress works quickly to pass articles of impeachment and force the trial. Of course, if I were Nancy Pelosi I’d impeach Trump again, subpoena several prominent GOP senators as witnesses, and tie them up in endless depositions.

Another way is for the Dems to sue in court that McConnell set a legal precedence with his “you may not seat a Supreme Court justice during a presidential election year” decision. Yes, apparently senate politics/policy have the weight of legal opinion, and require courts to weigh in when the minority party is not being treated fairly. Of course, whether or not the GOP would listen to a court and obey is debatable (Trump sure as hell won’t), but the Dems need to use every single arrow they have left to stop this appointment.

And the Dems should convince Biden to go on record stating “if they pull this stunt, we’ll have no choice but to nominate and seat two new members as replacements for the two seats they stole through dirty politics.” He should also state he’ll make every effort to get DC to statehood, and will pass a voting rights bill requiring all states to provide no-reason mail voting to all citizens, all felons will be allowed to vote, and no one can purge rolls without first visiting the citizens they want to purge and confirming they really don’t live there any more (failure to vote alone is no reason to purge rolls).

Too long now the Dems have faced full on evil with tepid demands to be nice. It’s time for them to fight the war that the GOP brought and declare it is necessary to preserve our Republic from growing authoritarianism and fascism.


It won’t be, because of this:

If not for any other reason.