American Bar Association asks the US Senate to slow down and call the FBI

Funny that all these people who are so deferential to law enforcement suddenly fear the FBI.


And they can’t delegate that vote to a prosecutor from Mariocopa County.


11-10 exaclty as expected.Which means that they think they have the votes in the full Senate. If they didn’t, they’d rather kill this in committee.

If he’s willing to lie under oath about his drinking habits (and his classmates have clearly disputed his account of his drinking) then why not lie about sexual assault? And if he’s going to lie about anything under oath, WHY should he even be considered for the Supreme Court?


Even if they don’t, they need to Hail Mary as fast as they can, because they know they’re losing the Senate in a few weeks.

I’m not so sure, but this shitshow certainly did not help their chances of holding on to it. The thing is that right now, there are far more seats currently held by Democrats up for election than seats held by Republicans. This makes it much more difficult to take over the senate than it will be in 2020.

And of course even when he carefully parses his statements to IMPLY that the drank less heavily without actually perjuring himself, that does not speak well of his integrity.

  1. Fucking Manchin’s said that he intends to vote for him “in keeping with the wishes of the people of West Virginia.”

I don’t think the GOP “gold standard” is the same as what you or I think of as a “gold standard”.

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Or, apparently, obey certain laws.


(or the next nominee you can expect will have no law background whatsoever)

Might end up with Peter Thiel next time around.


Sad upvote.


Or Donald Trump Jr.


they’re probably fine, but anything could happen


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Hillary did write off the working stiffs.; Some of them didn’t bother to vote for either one. As for me, being a Californian, I wrote in Bernie as the fix was already in.

In the fragile reality of Discworld, and with the gods who like to play games, a million-to-one chance succeeds nine times out of ten.


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Been tracking the generic ballot. Democrats ahead but not by much. Was hoping for a bounce from the hearings but it stayed steady at 7.5 percent.

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Perhaps now would be a good time for people to start thinking about what they plan to do if the midterms do not significantly change the balance of power?

The polls do not suggest a high probability of Dem control of the Senate. Personally, I also think that they’re being overoptimistic about the House. The polling does not adequately account for the impact of increasing voter suppression and electoral corruption.

So: if the midterms come and go without substantially altering the situation, what do y’all plan to do? “Try again in 2020 and accept the bodycount until then” does not strike me as an acceptable solution.


The Senate Judiciary Committee released this letter on Friday from the ABA stating that Robert Carlson, the President of the American Bar Association who wrote the letter, didn’t get the it approved by the committee that actually votes on this sort of thing and that the ABA’s rating of Judge Kavanaugh “is not affected”

They may have traded it, but probably not. The economy is doing OK, broadly people have a few more dollars in their pocket than before (for now).

Trump has not done anything big to alienate his base, and it seems clear he is using this spectacle to energize them for the midterms. Democrats are not great at turning out for the midterms as it is.

Anything could happen of course. An October Surprise could really swing the polls. Maybe Democrats and Centrists are disgusted enough. Or the analysts and pundits and pollsters could get it way wrong again. But, the “Blue Wave” is unlikely.

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