Senators vote Yes to Brett





Not the slightest bit surprising but still disgusting.



Well…they didn’t vote yes to Kavanaugh, they voted yes to have the actual vote on Kavanaugh. There is a difference.

And for anyone asking “what is the diff?”

If they voted no here…then Kavanaugh goes back to the Judicial Committee and this circus continues. If they vote yes and move to a Senate vote to confirm or deny him…this moves forward to the vote set for tomorrow. If they vote YES there, we know what happens…beers in robes on the Supreme Court. If they vote no there, he is denied the seat and his bid is over. And Trump then needs to bring forward a new appointee.

And someone like Flake could still say “I don’t want him on the bench” and this would be the best way to ensure that never happens. Murkowski has said she is a NO for the final confirmation vote. I suspect Flake will end up being a NO as well. The question is Manchin and Collins. And you only need one of them to be a NO if that plays out.


Thanks for the clarification.

Still, my gif stands. It expresses how I’ve felt over this shitstain getting anywhere near the Supreme Court all fucking week.


Oh your GIF and feelings absolutely stand!!! I agree fully!!

How and why are we even here!?! I mean this man raged at the committee and snapped back with such disrespect and incredulity it should have disqualified him right then and there!!!

But this is what we get with this administration. And you and i can say, “WE DID NOT ELECT/WANT THIS” unfortunately this is what non voter turn out and apathy in elections leads to. :frowning:


What are the chances he could be impeached if the Ds take the House in November? Looking for any silver lining here :frowning:

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first he has to get past the confirmation vote. There is NO guarantee of that as of right now. This is way too close to call. It is literally down to 2-3 people at this stage.

But…let’s say he does get confirmed. Post mid terms it is not just the House, the Dems would need the Senate too. The impeachment would be House, but the subsequent trial would be the Senate. So he could be impeached and then cleared by the Senate trial…which, was what happened in the only instance a sitting SCJ was impeached. That being said, the question would be WHY/WHAT is he being impeached on. If it was about sexual assault or being unfit, there would be relatively little chance of proving that.

BUT…if it was that he lied to the Senate Judiciary Committee…oh boy. That could be a slam dunk way to get him off the bench. Because he clearly did lie.


Yeah, I thought ususally we’ve taken the senate more easily, the big issue was the house? To be clear I’m assuming a D majority across both houses

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This was a vote to vote on it tomorrow ?

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Welcome to the Senate.


If they vote tomorrow, my understanding is that one of the Montana (?) Republican senators will be at his daughter’s wedding Saturday and not available. That would change to math a little bit.

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Democrats currently have about a 3-in-4 chance to re-take the House this election, according to FiveThirtyEight. However, the Senate map this cycle is particularly brutal to Dems, with way more Democratic seats up for grabs than Republican ones. FiveThirtyEight currently gives them a 1-in-3 chance of re-taking the Senate this year.

2020 is a much more favorable year for Democrats in the Senate. Even then, though, I doubt there will be sufficient Democratic gains to reach the 2/3rds (67 vote) majority needed to secure an impeachment.


I’d like to thank all my sock puppets for joining me in this historic like …

Not that I disagree with either of those points except to say, it doesn’t strictly matter what can be proved or not when it comes to impeachment.

I can’t find the link that usually gets posted but I think we can all say it together by now:

Impeachment is a political process.

All you need is enough senators/congress people to vote for impeachment.

The word ‘all’ is of course doing an awful lot of heavy lifting in that sentence.

Personally, I can’t see it even if there were to be a massive swing in favour of the Democratic Party.


I hear tell that another one plans to take this afternoon off to go for a walk in the woods in search of his empathy and moral conscience. If he manages to find either one, that might change the math a little bit.


If that could be found in the woods, we need to get the whole damn congress out there promptly!


He is Steve Daines. The expectation will be that they hold the vote open over night so he can vote the next days. But its unknown. It could be that he abstains a s result…which makes the 51-49 actually 50-49. This still counts manchin as a NO but he may not be a NO yet.

oh its easy as pie to impeach…but that to your point is a political process…to get him removed from the bench it would take a conviction by the Senate based on said impeachment. To which if the impeachment was done on the basis he lied to the committee about this or that…yeah, I can see that happening.


The Venn diagram of people who think Serena Williams should mind her temper and people who think Kavanaugh was rightfully impassioned is one circle.