Anti-Susan Collins site raises $2 million and crashes during her Kavanaugh 'yes' speech


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all good news, too late, but good.


I heard 170 million women, and an unknown number of men scream when she made this awful announcement.



While I’m usually among the first to condemn quislings, I found this to be important:


I don’t think the Democrats could have done a worse job of opposing Kavanaugh. Somehow they managed to fire up Republican voters a month before elections.

I wish all Democrats under 35 would band together and create a new party. There’s no way I’d ever vote Republican, but at this point I don’t want to vote Democrat either.


That’ll be Collins’ legacy. Flake will equally go down in history as a turncoat. Screw that whole dumpster fire of a party. The Democrats aren’t far behind.


Oh, I don’t think she was ever going to vote no. I don’t think any of the Rubs were ever maybes. But she still threw women under the Pussy Grabber bus.


WTF does Collins care? I’m sure she got a payout from some dark money group, probably from outside the US, straight into her offshore account that will fund her and her kids’ and their kids’ retirements. More and more I hear the right talk about conspiracies, makes me thing that they are the ones with the conspiracies like this.

@GulliverFoyle Quisling I’m not sure if this describes Collins’ behavior. She’s not collaborating with an enemy force. She’s part of an enemy force, right in lockstep (or goosestep, as you like).

So now we’re gonna have two accused sexual assailants on the SCOTUS. Just dandy.


She’s a women, isn’t she?

I suppose you could argue she is one of the Gileadeans and not merely a collaborator which, okay. I guess self-hating oppressor then.

ETA: To be clear, I’m not saying your gender sex* automatically determines the politics you should have. But if you’re a member of a group whose rights you’re working tirelessly to take away, is that not bad character? Dressing it up in the religious fundamentalism of the Patriarchy as social conservatives do doesn’t seem like much of an excuse.

*Edited for my mistake.


Good intentions to be sure, but Collins isn’t running again. She’ll be retiring to enjoy her thirty pieces of silver.


Followed by the Pussy Grabber 18-wheeler and the Pussy Grabber heavy construction equipment once the Republicans can get their test cases fired up and headed for SCROTUS.


So we’ll have highly-probable rapists in both the presidency and supreme court. So much for checks and balances, the rapist party is taking over all three branches.


BTW, a reminder from last year:



Devil’s Triangle


She ran in Maine as a pro-Choice moderate. It’s arguable that she wouldn’t be in the senate today if she had been honest with her constituents. So, the big backlash isn’t about putting all the weight of the Kavanaugh confirmation on her shoulders, but that people who voted for her are calling her on being a lying sack of shit.


That’s the kind of thinking that got us into this mess in the first place.
However, your concern is duly noted.


You know what, the more I think about it, the more I think you’re right. Collins isn’t a quisling. She’s a kapo.


Uncle Tom would be the more US-relevant analogy.


Excellent point.