Collection of articles by morons telling readers the Supreme Court wouldn't overturn Roe

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" “I have had excellent sources on the Supreme Court for many, many years,” said Parker, who sees Gorsuch, Roberts and Kavanaugh as incrementalists disinclined to undo important precedents in a single ruling. Had the “jackals” of the abortion rights movement not protested at Kavanaugh’s house, Parker said, he might well have switched sides in the Dobbs case…"

That is a very special kind of batshit crazy.


who now insists the only reason Kavanaugh voted against Roe is because he was offended by anti-abortion protestors

Similar, but different:


And don’t worry, they are still at it. “We can’t expand the court or abolish the filibuster, because then when the R’s get control THEY’LL take advantage of it.” As if those aren’t the first things the republicans will do once they face a tactical disadvantage. Democrats just keep charging at that football because there’s no WAY their colleagues on the other side of the aisle would pull it away again, right?!


Was Charlie Brown insane or a Dem avatar?


I learned about logrolling from Spy magazine’s regular “Logrolling In Our Time” feature.


“It can’t happen here”: the eternal motto of the complacent centrist.


This is the Democrat version of “saying the quiet part out loud”.


“Look what you made me do.”

—Every abuser ever


I would have paid VERY good money for a one-off issue of Spy during the Trump years (here’s to hoping those are indeed behind us).

They would have absolutely FEASTED on their favorite short-fingered vulgarian


“Oh, well, I’m rich and white, and my kid’s gonna get to clerk for Boof Kavanaugh! And Trump promised me I can execute some Black people! Mission accomplished!”


Even if that were believable for a moment; wouldn’t it require an even more profound failure of context and moral clarity to treat that theory as primarily an excuse for why you screwed up a prior prediction; rather than grounds to run screaming into the streets in panic?

Sure, “our highest court’s decisions are based in no small part on who has pissed off the justices recently; this is fine.”

You say, with a straight face, that a supreme court justice (one of the preening ‘originalists’, naturally) changed the way he was going to vote because some people annoyed him; and don’t recognize that that level of opportunistic fickleness might be one of the few possible ways to be worse than being dishonest and ideologically driven?


These pundits have no real power, so it’s whatever. My problem is with Joe Manchin. He’s the stupidest man in Washington, and he needs to be kicked out of the party. Everyone knew they would turn America hard right, and he went along with it.

Republicans party line voted everything they wanted, and he stopped the Democratic agenda cold for no reason at all. They have zero accomplishments because of him, and we lost ground despite holding Congress and the White House.

As soon as they win power again, they aren’t even going to take this clown’s phone calls. He’s an idiot whose wrong about everything and who is so dumb that the Republicans just keep manipulating him.


The problem with pushing him from the D party is that he would then be forced to join the Rs. His constituency keeps re-electing him, and will likely continue to regardless of the letter next to his name, because he’s their coal guy. So it will just make the Ds lose a seat. He doesn’t always vote with the Rs, so maybe a partial Dem is better than none. It would only be effective if the WV voters themselves voted him out.


Remember when “Tiger Mom” and Yale law prof Amy Chua wrote that op ed about how Kavanaugh was a “mentor to women,” then her daughter got a clerkship in his office the next year?

What do you call that kind of punditry?


This is the reason we keep losing. He voted against us 40% of the time. He’s only with us when Republicans say it’s okay. Kick him out and primary him like Republicans would. If we lose, we didn’t lose anything, because he was already a Republican.

“When they go low, we go high” is racking up losses. We can either fight like they do, or we can be nice while they strip us of all our rights.

WV has become a very red state. Without the incumbent advantage, he would most likely be replaced by a Republican, not a Democrat. I’m sympathetic to your feelings, but It’s a tough spot.

The best thing would be to get out the vote everywhere and win a few more seats, so the Ds aren’t dependent on him.


Don’t worry, folks, they prefer to undermine important precedents gradually, in numerous different rulings.



Nah, just run of the mill blame the victim. (I see “Look what you made me do” above, so Sean made my point already.)

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You are likely right, but on the other hand Cheney is being primaried mostly from the right, so Manchin might believe that while he could win the general, he couldn’t get to the general without the Dems. Anyway, we’ve got Justice Brown now, so we don’t need him… if he was ejected he’d be able to show how reasonable and bipartisan he can be. From the other side. So I think expel him if he won’t get rid of the filibuster.