Rolling Stone: Supreme Court leak ended Chief Justice's effort to convince Kavanaugh not to overturn Roe

Originally published at: Rolling Stone: Supreme Court leak ended Chief Justice's effort to convince Kavanaugh not to overturn Roe | Boing Boing


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…and the whispers that say that the leak came from Ginni Thomas get louder.


Tbh, a full overturn is better. States have been whittling Roe down over the past three decades to the degree that abortion is de facto criminalized and completely unavailable for the vast majority or all of women in those states. Because overturning Roe doesn’t make it illegal in states that support it, it doesn’t change the outcome for those residents and may even make it easier for women from out of state with the flourish of safe harbor laws and funds to aid women travelers. Now that it has been overturned, there will be a backlash and demands for action (ETA, please, please fucking listen this time!). Dems haven’t been able to muster the political courage to codify it into law for 50 years. There have been numerous times the Dems controlled both Houses of Congress and the White House and didn’t do shit to solidify the rights of health privacy for women. Maybe just maybe they will muster the courage now.

Also, bullshit. I don’t buy that Kavanaugh wasn’t planning this the whole time. Go ahead and give him his fig leaf if you must, Rolling Stone.


If Roberts genuinely didn’t want Roe overturned he could have chosen not to agree with the decision to overturn it.


Even if this story were true, it still would have been 5-4 against Roe.


We need to put a spotlight on the horrific results of forced birth legislation. Most people identify as pro life not because they actually give a crap about an unwanted fetus but they just want to “own the libs”. Somehow I think that the prospect of Taliban checkpoints around the country, women’s prisons and doctors having to choose between medical science and church rules when handling a difficult childbirth will change some people’s minds.


If Roberts ends up painted as a hero, I’ll be looking for a cabin in Latvia.


Presumably, if Roberts had convinced Kavenaugh, he would also have voted against overturning Roe and it would have been 4-5 against overturning. They might have upheld the Mississippi law but not overturned Roe, which triggered laws in over a dozen states.


Even Clarence knows that Ginni did it. It is right there in his statement! “It’s like kind of an infidelity, that you can explain it, but you can’t undo it.”

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Um. No. It is not. It is never good when human rights are ripped away from people. Not a little and certainly not in total.


When has accelerationism ever really worked out?


But they already were. We’ve been pretending that this is some new thing, but the reality is that for women in anti-abortion states it already was illegal for all intents and purposes. This has been a methodical attack that has been sustained from the moment Roe was announced and Dems have done next to nothing to support women. And they had all the time in the world

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I call bullshit. The Supreme Court lost all legitimacy this term, especially thanks to Roe and the NY gun law case. Roberts is trying to salvage the court’s legitimacy and his legacy.

Too. Fucking. Bad. That ship already sailed.


That’s assuming that this fight wasn’t lost decades ago. Everyone writing panic pieces about how MTG wants to see a “Christian Nationlist” America acts like this is some new development; that she’s been emboldened by recent victories. The truth is that this has been in action for a very long time and 100% of the victories have been by the regressives. It’s already an utter failure in anti-choice states.

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This doesn’t make it better. It, in fact, makes this problem much worse, because now women are dying because they can’t even get treatment for miscarriages. Women are going to die now because of that. And of course, our right to travel is going to be restricted and SCOTUS will likely sign off on it. things were bad, but they are now a million times worse. Even here in GA, which had some restrictions (and you had to go to a major city to get an abortion) no almost NO ONE can get one (although at least the fuckers here gave us carve outs for the health of the mother, but even in this case, women are going to be denied care for miscarriages due to fear).

And let’s not forget corporations now making decisions about birth control for women now.

The gates of hell have been unleashed if you’re a woman, and if the GQP gets control of congress in the fall and then get the presidency in 24, then I and all the other women here are literally breeding machines, not full humans. Every woman in your life is no longer a citizen, but an incubator.

The problem is men trying to control women, or in the case of the Democrats, men not giving a shit about what they see as a marginal issue, because most of them don’t have the ability to get pregnant. Because both of our political parties are dominated by men, we get decisions like this which have fucked half the country.


There is still a big difference between the erided rights and full overturn. The details are very important. Most of the trigger laws make even treatment for ectopic pregnancy and other not-really-abortion life-saving treatments illegal. Those details matter to both the women whose lives are at stake and the caregivers who are not allowed to treat people without fear of prison.



Yes, and it’s horrifying. And now America has to stare into the abyss of what they’ve wrought. But the fact is that:

They already were. It’s just being reported now.

I know this sounds like a horribly cynical take, but it’s not. I actually have some measure of hope now. The horrifying truth is that any progress is going to come at the expense of lots of suffering women and the only significant difference is that some people are finally paying attention.

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I will thank you not to mansplain women’s rights to me, dude.

It is WORSE now that Roe is gone.

Like me, apparently? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Well, that’s certainly a relief to the women who die and are harmed! Do you hear that ladies? Everythings OK now!