Trump lawyer Habba says Kavanaugh will help kill ballot ban since Trump owns him (video)

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I really hope they’ll let Habba argue the case before the Supreme Court.


Isn’t this an argument that all 3 Trump-appointed justices should excuse themselves from Trump-related cases that reach the Supreme Court? Good luck with that hope.
Wasn’t the rightwing screaming about banana republics, leftwing judges, yada yada yada sometime in the not-so-distant past? They will deny that the words ever left their lips.


She’s really just working in her audition as a “Legal Expert” bobblehead for OAN or Newsmax at this point. Any claims to be Trump’s lawyer are dubious.


This is something about the selection of justices that I find so amusing. The president, frankly, doesn’t do shit. The Heritage foundation (or other party-affiliated think tank) hands them a set of files, they pick one and sign a document. Sure, this blowhard ranted and raved endlessly, but he does that about hamberders and toilet flushing. McConnell did all of the heavy lifting and that was almost entirely before trump was even elected.


And Kavvy wasn’t worked hard at all. I mean, he had some hard questions but none of them mattered in the least - once proposed by Trump, it was completely going to happen. He had multiple active investigations into him, the background check was even curtailed…he wouldn’t have passed screening to get a position at most companies but the Senate used R power to do it.


I saw something recently (MeidasTouch?) where where she said words to the effect that she’d rather be pretty than smart, because she can fake smart …


THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME Heritage has sketched out a blueprint for a conservative presidency. In 1980, the think tank aided another neophyte politician with revolutionary aspirations—Ronald Reagan—with a report, also called Mandate for Leadership, that stretched to 1,100 pages and covered virtually every nook and cranny of government. Heritage boasts that Reagan took up the majority of their proposals, including across-the-board tax cuts, “Star Wars” missile defense, inner-city “enterprise zones,” and a hard line with the Soviet Union. On the latter, Heritage claimed that “Reagan sticks so closely to the Heritage suggestions that [Mikhail] Gorbachev complains to Reagan about Heritage’s influence in the first few minutes of the [1986 Reykjavik] summit.”

A subsequent edition of Mandate for Leadership has been produced for every presidential election since 1980. This iteration, very much in the spirit of Trump, is lighter on policy and heavier on retribution. Its enemies list begins with the usual targets of right-wing ire: welfare recipients, lazy and liberal civil servants (since they’re liberal, one might think Heritage would be heartened by their laziness), anti-business regulators, environmentalists, and union bosses. But it expands from there to include more recent bȇtes noires: scientists, woke bureaucrats, woke educators, woke diplomats, woke generals and admirals, woke G-men, and anyone who doesn’t indulge the next Republican president’s every whim (an adaptation to the likelihood of a Trump nomination).

(Project 2025)


I see she’s making her hair lighter, like Ivanka’s. Donny likes that and may keep her around a bit longer.
(I wish this was sarcasm but it probably hews very close to the truth.)


Ugh. I hope she’s never alone with him. As loathsome as they both are, she doesn’t deserve to be in that scenario.


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