American Pie lyrics sold at auction for $1.2m


One thing will always remain a mystery: the total number of college mixtapes that included this song.

I just hope the new owner doesn’t hold the pages hostage. “Give me five million or you’ll never learn who ‘The Jester’ is!”

Edit to add: Yes, I know that mystery has been solved.

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This is the song that directly led to 21 year-old me in a bar ordering a rye to find out what the hell it was after hearing that lyric for 18 years. Turned out it’s pretty much whiskey, but I guess that doesn’t rhyme with pie, dry, or die.


One of my favorite songs ever.

On a TV show, long ago, McLean sang/recited an a capella introduction to Miss American Pie, then began to play. It’s explained a lot.

Don McLean is one of the best poets the USA has ever produced.

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Rye does go better in ginger ale though, eh?

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he also did the title song for Flight of Dragons, which still kind of blows my mind.

Whatever year Smokin’ in the Boys’ Room was popular, we would jam the cafeteria jukebox with quarters daily to play American on repeat to avoid having to listen to that stupid song. We would get up in front of the jukebox and dance, which angered the students who wore letter jackets. Life was easy, but it was hard.

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