America's cities sue FCC for handing billions in municipal subsidy to wireless carriers

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I swear, these dRumphians are trying to outdo each other to see how much they can fuck up their own little kingdoms. I hate this administration.
This is going to take generations to fix, if it even can be.

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Hang on, I just have to… buy… 600 shares of … Verizon stock…

OK, FCC, go ahead and do whatever you want.

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Do you think all this litigation between city, state, and federal government (and regular citizens suing all the above) indicates disfunction with our elected representation?


Trumpanzies won’t be happy until the buggy whip consortium is brought back!



Well, for starts they could just rubber-stamp applications as “Denied, insufficient time for due diligence.”

As for the cash, there’s no Federal obstacle to taxing local facilities to cover the expenses. With a bit more, naturally.

Just seeing this guy’s dumb ass face makes me want to punch him.

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