America's mass incarceration of black people: the most important essay you'll read today


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Is this missing a link to the essay, or is it just because I’m viewing it at The new formatting changes have me confused.

Is there any way to see the post and the comments on the same page?

Here ya go:


The next time I hear someone say “Well, if they didn’t do the crime, they wouldn’t do the time”. . .

Ugh, I guess I’d send them to Coates’ piece. But I know they wouldn’t read it.


TNC is consistently great… I can’t wait to see him live and in person next month!!! I need to fit in reading his new book before then… good thing he’s a great writer and it’s a rather short book.

Also, SPIVAK IS IN TOWN TUESDAY!!! Holy shit! And I think in october, Cleese and Idol are going to be in town, too!


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