Amnesty International: Google and Facebook spell trouble for human rights

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What are the chances that Boing Boing will switch to an ad provider that doesn’t track or collect any information about users?


Hear that noise, that’s your rights being sucked into the interwebs via Fbook & Google.


My web hosting (HostPapa) and former ISP (TekSavvy) have email that works, and is hosted in Canada. I’m not entirely sure how secure they are overall but they don’t trigger either the EFF Privacy Badger or μBlock Origin tracker blockers.

Yahoo was my oldest surviving email account until they had a huge data breach.

You’ll never get away from the national spies, but as imperfect as that may be at least they are sworn to protect and uphold etc. and have democratic oversight in this country.

Aside: EFF Privacy Badger showed me that my bank was using Google Analytics inside my personal banking, including pinging GMail with a token. I raised a stink. That seems to have gone away (for now).


Sacha Baron-Cohen just laid into the dangers of the social media platforms’ engagement business model from another angle. The speech is well worth reading.


On my personal computer I have ad blockers and reading BoingBoing is great. At the office where I’m working now, I have no control over the laptop or the browser and so cannot install an adblocker. OMG I had no idea how in your face the BoingBoing advertising had gotten!!! Yipes!

How could we support a BoingBoing without so many in your face, blinky and video-running advertisements, creepy or otherwise? Seriously.


Not to say Google or Facebook are good companies, but Amnesty International is a joke, they push whatever regime change narratives Washington tells them to. Hard to take anything they say seriously

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Sacha Baron-Cohen just laid into the dangers of the social media platforms

Excellent speech, starting with this joke:

Thank you, ADL, for this recognition and your work in fighting racism, hate and bigotry. And to be clear, when I say “racism, hate and bigotry” I’m not referring to the names of Stephen Miller’s Labradoodles.


Did I mention




(Also, for those wanting non-surveillance-oriented search, I recommend using one of the SearX mirrors, a la,, etc. Duck Duck Go and StartPage are doing corporate surveillance a la teh Googs.)


I’ve stated many times before that I don’t personally care for SBC’s type of humor, though I do understand his intent.

Nevertheless, that is a really good speech; kudos to him for using his platform for a positive purpose.


Buy useless tat from the Boing Boing store? Honestly, I would rather just donate directly, to a Patreon or something.

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I cant imagine Stephen Miller caring about something that wasn’t purebred

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