Amphibious truck goes off-road, and off-land

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I love it! Faster and holds more than a classic Schwimmwagen (that’s properly pronounced Shvimvaggin, preferably whilst wearing a monocle and sporting a mustache).


Edit: I do wonder about the hull composition; if it’s fiberglass keeled it’s going to be easily damaged by road debris and obstacles… and I wouldn’t want to go into salt water with aluminum wheels, either.

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Oh good, we need more expensive special-purpose vehicles.

Oh, Boundegar, why do you hate America?


well if it was truly a 'murrican vehicle it would need MOAR GUNS!

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For our freedoms, of course. Did you flunk terrorist 101?


Gibbs is working on that…

As you can see, the digital camo is so good it looks photoshooped. Totally digital, so terrorists will mistake it for an MTV commercial or the latest summer blockbuster or something.

Can we really call it amphibious if it doesn’t have a gill-breathing larval stage?

Wait, does this thing have a larval stage?


[quote=“Medievalist, post:7, topic:58731”]
As you can see, the digital camo is so good
[/quote]Um, if it was really good camouflage I wouldn’t be able to see.

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Well, it really is remarkably like a growed-up Schwimmwagen, and the Schwimmwagen has a schnorkel or something. (Hopefully in this later instar you won’t have to repack the wheel bearings every time you come out of the water.)

You can see the digitial camo because it’s on the Internet, of course. It’s aliasing your pixels! In real life you’d be saying “hey, what is that huge photoshopped thing driving up out of the bayou with guns all over it?” because you’d never be able to see the truck.

Does GLAAD have a guide to how I can talk about it?

Just asking.

No, but you need to call it a “differently abled” vehicle, OK? :smiling_imp:

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Hey, that’s a pretty impressive suspension design.

The dukw comes with a ring mounting for machine guns, but not proper guns…

Is this it?

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It’s hard to beat that name.

But not impossible (in my opinion, anyway); behold the Landwasserschlepper.

And what did the Allies have? The DUKW. Terrible name.

OK, you and @FoolishOwl have just made my day. Der landwasserschlepper uber alles! Even for a German vehicle name, that is exceptional.

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Nice. Where do they put their helmets when they switch to the water?

Wait, with a gg? a velar nasal?

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