Amusing amusement park ride sign

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My guess is a carnival ride somewhere that has licenced (or maybe more likely, unlicensed) Disney character graphics on it. Possibly in the U.K. based on the clockwise roundabout directional sign above. But I can guarantee that it isn’t in a Disney-owned theme park.

One of my favorite signs that are on all the Disneyland rides is the ubiquitous “Documents related to the Certificate of Compliance for this attraction may be viewed at City Hall in Town Square.”

I mean, what kind of hard core theme park nerd would ever want to take time out of their day to go view those?

I’ll tell you who:

Me. I did that very thing ,yesterday when visiting the park with friends. We were actually in City Hall for another reason but as long as I was there I just had to ask to see them. And I got a photo!


Can confirm this is a British thing. Here’s one from the end-of-summer fun fair on Parker’s Piece in Cambridge.


Wow. IMO, it all depends on the intensity of the situation: :grimacing:

Level 1:

Sad Monsters Inc GIF by filmeditor

Level 2:

who framed roger rabbit crying GIF

Level…it’s time to go now:

Tantrum Crying GIF




Yeah, this brings back memories. Went to Disney World in 2002. My five-year-old would have spent the entire time on the carousel if I had let her. One time around, she spent the whole ride crying because someone else had gotten to the pink horse before she did.

Now that she’s a mother, I will have to remind her of this.


I was waiting for the ferris wheel at California Adventure and saw it stopped – very briefly – so that a family with a crying child could get off. It’s one of those rides that looks a lot more calm from afar than it does when you’re on it.

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Desantis tears

That’s awesome. Dreams really do come true.


In Disney World, this sign in on the Tea-cup ride. That ride is a sit-and-spin type where you can spin your tea-cup as fast as you want. A mix of slightly older and slightly younger kids in one tea-cup can lead to very fast spinning-crying.

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