Amy's Baking Company, The Revenge




Its wrong how much I love these two… I even watched Dr Phil to see them!


I worked for years with a designer like this. You can’t believe they’re really this obtuse; surely they’ll figure out that they’re not fooling anyone, and modify their behavior at least somewhat. Nope. The world is against them, any time anyone says or does anything to suggest they’re not perfect in some way. Con artists at least make sense: they know how to manipulate others, which means they know how to manipulate their own behavior when necessary toward that end. This? Inexplicable. It serves no purpose to anyone. And unfortunately, it’s exactly the type of personality disorder that would refuse the help of professional therapy.


There is no such thing as bad publicity.


My thought too. They’re both pretty clearly hamming it up for the camera. I can almost see the $ signs in their eyes.


It’s like with Paula Deen, it’s difficult to do something so terrible that your sheer force of will won’t drag horrible people out to defend and support you with their $.This is doubly true with Reality TV. Sure, there are plenty of “normal” gawkers who watch the show and keep it going, but there are plenty of others with a screw loose who enjoy this drama and wish they could cause as much chaos in their dull lives. Narcissistic/Borderline personality types drawn to their fellow creeps.


They’re genuinely terrible people, and former employees have stated such. The brags of being a “gangster” are evidenced by the co-owner being banned from entire nations for his confidence tricks, so I don’t understand why you’re making excuses for them. Okay, I suppose I do understand why people inevitably claim “it’s an act”, they take people at their word instead of observing every factoid that indicates that they can’t turn off the act.


I don’t think anyone is making excuses. These guys are making MORE money off of being terrible on TV though.


And you know this how? It’s pretty clear they are not making any money and the place is jsut a vanity project.


Gordon Ramsey is nothing but another reality tv ‘star’.

His shows are garbage, he profits from yelling at people, making them look stupid, belittling them. People think he is great, he is a dick.

If you watch that crap, I have no respect for you.


You know, Oroka, hating on Gordon Ramsey doesn’t make the Amy’s Baking Company into good people, right?


If they are getting customers in at all even to gawk then they are getting more customers. People want to go there just to see if they are really that rude. That’s increased business.


No, it doesnt, but it doesnt make Ramsey a remotely good person either.


I was just thinking about this cray-cray biatch a couple of days ago and wondering what became of these awful people. It sickens me to hear that they’re actually prospering from the increased attention and depresses me that our society continues to reward scumbag behavior.

I do have faith in karmic justice however and know in my heart that it’s only a matter of time before they get their comeuppance. I only hope the fall is just as public.




What kind of designer? Just curious.


A jack-of-all-trades: interior, landscaping, and even humored himself to think architectural as well.


Wait… don’t you need to be licensed to be an architect*? I don’t know what it is about designer/creative types and this weird complex. I live in kind of an artsy town and I’m always hearing about how certain local business owners are horrible narcissists. Invariably they see themselves as being far more competent than they really are. What they unleash on the public can be bad enough, but I feel genuinely sorry for the poor schmucks who have to make a living off these landmines.

*Y’know, so your buildings don’t fall down.


If a person is looking to reality TV as a source of authority or moral excellence then that would be a problem yes. However, there are many more people that simply like being entertained and I don’t see why you would have a problem with that.

The crazy thing here is that the guy has been extremely successful in two industries that are very difficult to get in to, let alone be a star in. I believe that to say otherwise would be from some other more issues, perhaps jealousy or mayne being personally affected by him.


really you don’t have to say anything, just let them talk…wow.