An actual Army PsyOps officer led a group of 100 people to the "Stop The Steal" rally in Washington

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You don’t get to violate the UCMJ and say “I wasn’t in uniform, so it doesn’t count.” Fortunately, legal precedent and military tradition, and the experience of every off-duty soldier in civvies who gets into trouble off base all agree that she is blowing smoke. Since she is a professional liar and gaslighter we should expect no less. I doubt the Court Martial which hears her case will be impressed.

A member of the Armed Forces who commits sedition can be put to death. Turning it into a hundred-person conspiracy doesn’t help her case. She farked around. Now she’ll find out.


PsyOps soldier somehow becomes radicalized. Either she was very good at her job, or terrible at her job.

Also I’m not at all surprised to see racism and extremism coming out of Fort Bragg. It’s pretty much what that base is known for.


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