An ad-free way to support BoingBoing

A couple years back, Cory published a story on the Brave web browser, and I’ve been using it on and off since then. The browser is controversial because it blocks tracking and ads by default.

Ad blocking is bad for publishers, but the Brave team recently updated the browser with a token system that automatically pays the websites you frequent. Currently, it works by accepting payments from users. Once a month it tallies how much time you spent on each site and distributes what you paid to publishers. You can also reserve a specific amount for your favorite publishers.

If you don’t like ads or trackers, but want to send support, check it out.

Here’s the BoingBoing article on it:


Looking at the time you’ve spent on those sites in your screencap, are you just going ctrl-A, ctrl-C?

And yeah, Brave rocks.

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I grabbed that from Brave’s website.

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