Advertising ~ disappoint

On android, in case it matters…

This! Intrusion on every quarter! Please, no more!
And this… has been occurring sporadically for over a year. Only on my Note 4, now 10+ ; only on BB!
Attempts to back out, back to BB, fail. I am back to the site I was at before BB. THIS HIJACKS BB!


Be sure to forward all this to


Will do, thanks!

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I use it on a Samsung Galaxy A tablet, and as the screen is large enough I have it show the “desktop” version, not the “mobile” version of the site.


Firefox Mobile also can run uBlock Origin as an extension if you like that better.


This is the correct answer.

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The weird thing is that I don’t even want to block adverts per se - what I really want to block is malware vectors. Yet, oddly enough…

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