Too many ads

BB blog is virtually unreadable for me today. Popups keep pushing the page back to the bottom of the scroll and every paragraph and article is followed by an ad. If I didn’t already know the site I would have closed it immediately thinking it was click bait trash.

Any free solutions for Android and chrome?
Any free solutions for Android and non chrome?



Brave browser works alright on android for an out-the-box adblock experience. I’ve not played with addons on mobile too much.


Same here, Brave’s been working fine for me for at least a year now.

But then, I only go to the front page (and only rarely) by opening a post from back here, so I’m likely not a great judge of the whole BB front page scrolling experience.


Firefox and uBlock Origin


I’ve been using this combo for years, both desktop and mobile and second it. I switched as soon as Google announced Manifest v3 many, many moons ago.

On iOS, install Lockdown app-store / web-page and use the “free mode” of it (not the paid VPN). This app blocks DNS resolution for many add networks, tracking pings, etc. Since Lockdown does it at the OS level, it blocks ads & trackers in other apps too. It works on wifi or cellular if you’re not near your pi-hole.

The app works by pretending to be a VPN app which lets it hooks deeper into iOS’ APIs like the other VPN apps. But, instead of being a VPN, it simply blocks unwanted traffic.

There is also a Mac version of Lockdown.

Edit: missed the “Android” part - this “Lockdown” app is made by Confirmed, Inc. and is not the same as the Android app named “Lockdown”. They do make a VPN app for Android, but not the ad blocker. Maybe they will port their ad blocker soon.

Been reading BB for years on Android with the Opera browser. Of course there’s the sponsored posts, but nothing grotesque. Like, I’ll end up on other sites that are all “LoOkS LiKe yOu’Re uSiNg aN aDbLoCkEr” but BoingBoing never does this to me :clap:

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Not to get in the way of your quest, but to your specific points:

  • “Popups keep pushing the page back to the bottom of the scroll” - this shouldn’t happen. Any chance you can record this behaviour or report it on the bad ad page?

  • “every paragraph and article is followed by an ad” - I just tried a virgin firefox install, and, as expected, ads appear every third paragraph or after a post. If there are several short posts in a row (or if the paragraphs are very short), that can be a lot of ads, but that’s just the reality of the /blog view.

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