Mozilla's new Android browser blocks ads and trackers

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blocks ads and trackers

The Overlords will not like this.


I wonder if the focus on Android development explains why Firefox crashes about once a day on my old Linux desktop. I’m also wondering about putting the browser on my Samsung tablet; I was previously unable to bring over my bookmarks from the desktop because it was ‘too long’. I’ve been trying to imagine code in this day and age still using magic numbers.


I’m not seeing how to block ads in the settings menu…anyone have a hint?

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Google has announced that future versions of Chrome will automatically block ads from ad platforms that compete with Google’s own ads.

That’s not at all what they said. In the U.S., it would be a blatant violation of antitrust law.

Google announced that Chrome would block “annoying” ads, including those with pop-ups and auto-play audio. Details here.


It crashes like a bastard on my droid too. Fine on my Linux laptop, but i’ve found the mobile version utterly unusable for months now. I’ve gone back to chrome.

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