Google to block ad-blockers in chrome

Article in the Register:


Just when I was poised to dump Firefox in favor of Chrome.

If only I had a spare Raspberry Pi to run Pi-Hole on!

Since it’s the DNS queries (which are then cached) going through the Pi, and not the actual requests, the network bottleneck shouldn’t be much of a problem.

eta: It’s not that I normally block ads, I block trackers with Privacy Badger, but neither Microsoft nor Google own my computers.


Yup. I’m surprised it took them this long to be honest, obviously they want full control over the ad blocking themselves so they can whitelist those ads which best serve their deep pockets. Is google still your friend?

Google was never my friend. I use their search product and clear the cookies regularly to reset their system (I need to do that to get the results I want), but that is all.

BTW: google is developing a replacement for Android called Fuschia. That gives good hindsights into the evolution of their advertising model. Hint, hint…

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