An adorable look at the mechanics behind crawling

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When I was getting treatment for a back injury a few years ago, over a period of several months the therapist put me through a series of exercises that i was told mimic the different stages an infant goes through in learning to sit up, get into a crawling position, and then to stand. Interesting to watch this video and see the baby doing the exact same things.


@Carla_Sinclair thank you for not posting that creepy tin foil covered robot crawler. The stuff of nightmares averted.


This was too adorable, I want to leave work early now.

I’m crawling right now.

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Well yea, of course the baby can crawl, you totally told him how! When my son was little we made him figure it out on his own. No fair looking at the cats! It made him stronger.


This was adorable and especially fascinating to me because my daughter never crawled. Maybe if I’d shown her this video. She instead was a scooter. She shuffled along on her bottom and moved her arms like she was rowing a boat. It was strange to see, but that kid could move fast. She was also a late walker; scooters generally are.

Could have been even worse…


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