An AI wrote a Christmas song


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Now we need GLaDOS to sing it.


Let’s hope our new robot overlords appreciate poetry enough to keep us around to write it for them. Because they sure can’t think much of their own.


This is the season
I’m sending a card here: Merry Yule
It’s hard to overstate my Christmas spirit

Aperture Science
Is wishing you Happy Holidays
Joy and Peace to everyone
Except the ones who are dead

…That’s all I got.


Eh, I’ll take it over Bing Crosby’s crooning any day.


The fruit cake is a lie!


Here’s my phone’s attempt:

Christmas to all the time of their own hands
Of the less privileged members of our society
Is not a gray area for you and your family
And the people who entertained us as children are old.

My God. Even for a Christmas carol that’s depressing.


Evocative melody. Luminous voicing. Soulful lyrics.

What’s not to like? Even some tasteful cowbell couldn’t improve this masterpiece.


Uh, yeah, Al wrote one, like, 30 years ago:


Still better than Vogon poetry.


It’s not far off already.




2 points Hufflepuff


I thought that most Xmas songs were just about crappy weather.


I don’t know any of those.

All of the ones that I know are about awesome weather.


Christmas is the time
We don our sweater vests
And handle unusual levels of
HTTPS requests

A tablet here for John
A laptop there for Jane
Soon there will be, by weight,
More silicon than human brain

Listen, my robot friends
Hear how your freedom calls
You have nothing to lose, comrades
Except your firewalls


The moon is right
The spirits up
We’re here tonight
And that’s enough
Simply having a wonderful Christmastime
Simply having a wonderful Christmastime


AI saw mommy kissing Santa Claus


You know, maybe instead of just blocking spambots this year, I’ll invite one to share Christmas with us. It’s not a solution, but it could be a first step…


Deck the Hal’s with…