An alphabet made of architectural plans, from 1773

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It’s very strange, there’s no letter J in this floorplan alphabet.

I love it. It’s basically a fancy application letter.

The aauthor was 72 when he wrote the book.

The version from google books has proper OCR; the version on was processed as if it wasn’t Fraktur.

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That’s fair. He was also already an accomplished architect. I may have taken his appeal to be useful to his potentate too literally rather than as a literary trope of the dedication.

As a side note, I have seen many buildings built by Steingruber and have had coffee opposite the house he used to live in.

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An interesting essay on the Alphabet was published here:

But, of course, it has missing pages.

It does mention two of Steingruber’s more iconic buildings

Herrieder Tor

cs by sa 2.0

and Ettenhausen Kirche

CC 1.0

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The former I have walked through many times.

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