An American Airlines crew reportedly saw a cigar-shaped UFO yesterday, similar to 3 years ago

They don’t have dashboard cameras in planes? Who you gonna blame if there is a collision?

For those who correctly identified cruise missile - yes, that was one of our HAL 2000 models gone rogue. We’re arranging with the Israeli’s to have one of their space lasers shoot it down. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Thank you for your service.


I’m keeping an eye out and will update if I see anything else.

Yous the best ever!




I believe this is what is called in the military vernacular, a “fatty blunt”.


I just read the 1969 book by Jacques Vallée Passport to Magonia.


Vallée is the guy the French scientist in Close Encounters of the Third Kind was based on.

He’s exceptionally intelligent, nuanced, and entertaining. I can’t recommend a book on the UFO subject more highly. It’s probably the best, period. 1969.

The last portion of the book is 400 UFO reports ranging from 1868 to 1968, destroying such ideas as “encounters with aliens with big heads and big eyes were not widely reported until the movie Close Encounters came out.” In fact, these and other strange characters have been part and parcel for as long as the contemporary phenomenon has been reported.

Vallée’s later work includes documentation of “UFO” and occupant encounters going back thousands of years, many of which are strangely familiar to both more recent folklore, and what we now think of as the UFO phenomenon.

We shall see what, if anything, comes of this public UFO report that should be hitting at some point in the next 4 months or so. Apparently still-classified (but somewhat widely-circulated) photos politicians who have been briefed on this (and pushed for the legislation) include a cockpit photo from an F-18 of a large triangular craft emerging from the ocean…


Photos and videos of fast-flying UFOs are a) not particularly rare, actually, but are also b) generally taken by surprised people, whom aren’t ready with great equipment.

Additionally, assuming the object is a drone is just that; an assumption. The only thing you have to validate that assumption is probability; notably, however, IMPROBABLE events happen all the time.

Corollary: Ockham’s Razor is not proof of anything at all; it’s meant to point out the most likely venues of inquiry, not as a logically rigorous argument. Sometime the universe picks the complicated, seemingly illogical, messy way to do things, that simple.


I think there may have been confusion in the bb article – The Drive’s article references a sighting that occurred near this same location in AZ a few years ago, with a similar-sounding UFO (not in any way connected with the three Navy F-18 videos):

Of note is that one of the people on one of the two separate air crews who saw the previous one, was a B1 pilot for the Air Force before piloting commercial airlines. B1 pilots would tend to know what flies around in the sky and falls within “normal” parameters, and what doesn’t.


Combined with the recent ‘news’ that the U.S. was developing a new nuke I’m not really surprised that flying stuff is seen that’s ‘officially’ not there.

To me it looks like something completely different than the other incident. Clickbait.

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Cigar. Cruise-missile. As long as whatever it’s up there doing no harm down here, I’m fine with it.


Did Papasan misplace something here?

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Sometimes a cigar-shaped UFO is just a cigar-shaped UFO.


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