An American Airlines flight diverted after passenger assaulted flight attendant

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They really need to figure out the cross-airline bans. This person will in all probability get a slap on the wrist from the justice system and then be able to assault flight attendants on Jet Blue, Southwest, Alaskan etc.


If I were a passenger on one of these flights I’d spend part of the no-doubt long delay inviting my fellow passengers to provide contact information for a civil suit against the arsehole in question. Having him cough up compensation for the airfare, lost time, and pain and suffering of every other passenger on the flight would be a nice six-figure complement to however many years he or she gets for breaking federal laws.

Also: almost tripling the previous 25-year record of 310 FAA investigations to 923 tells us that the MAGAts and Qnuts are as intent on disrupting travel as they are on disrupting liberal democratic institutions.


In addition to a possible fine and jail time these entitled maskholes should be forced to reimburse every single passenger on the flight.

Ditto @gracchus


I’m more in favor of a bit of frontier justice myself


Absolutely, this needs to be done ASAP. I hope that the pilots’ and flight attendants’ unions are pushing this hard. No one should have to go to work and be worried about being assaulted; and being in the air with limited options for assistance just makes everything much worse.

I don’t understand what’s taking so long in setting this up. The airlines seem interested in doing it, maybe they (or more likely their lawyers) are worried about the liability issues.




I’m all for that, but I feel like market consolidation has done most of the work because it’s not like I get a big choice of airlines. If you’re in a certain city there’s probably one go-to airline. There was already the story about the Alaska state senator who was banned from the only airline that can get her to the capital for her job.


If flight attendants had the same kinds of qualified immunity our society grants cops then they’d be able to toss these assholes out the hatch mid-flight.


It shouldn’t even just be the responsibility of the airlines. In cases where a passenger is convicted of violent behavior on any plane he or she should get on the federal no-fly list for life.


I’ve been flying on a short 400-mile hop more and more lately for reasons. These events are in the back of my mind when I’ve boarded the plane. When they make their way to the front of my mind, I truly hope that my flight doesn’t go viral on the socials. The flight attendants on SWA are thinking the same thing. I know that because they say that during the pre-flight safety messages over the intercom.


I wonder what the atmosphere is like on a flight from/to TX or FL or AL, where the majority of the passengers are anti-mask and pro-terrorist, and they are riling each other up until one of them pops off at the flight attendants.

I dont know what word you want: “mob rule”? “vigilante”? “chaotic evil”?

They are trying to intimidate us with violence and threats of violence. Their objective is to terrorize the staff into dropping their adherence to mask/vax mandates.

At some point, there is going to be a situation where a passenger is arguing/fighting with the flight attendant, and other passengers intervene and, instead of helping the flight attendant, they’ll help the rowdy passenger.


Wonder no more. My son is an FA. He says certain flights are more likely to have belligerent anti-maskers. To and from Vegas, Alaska, and Florida in his experience. He’s had to report several non-compliant passengers. He’s tired of dealing with it.


“The majority of the passengers are . . . pro-terrorist”? That kind of broad brush stroke seems quite uncalled for. Maybe you want to edit that a bit?

“Majority” seems uncalled for. “Terrorist,” too, because I don’t know who “they” is. If “they” is “the majority” of people from TX, FL, and AL who fly, you’re simply wrong and engaging in stereotyping based on the action of a noisy subset.


“terrorist” sounds rather good, actually. They are trying to make people afraid of flying, they are disrupting normal travel, causing monetary losses for the passengers and airlines, and causing problems with the air traffic control system by having so many flights declare emergencies and land someone other than their intended destination.

If that’s the goal the Qnuts and MAGA-ets are going for, they are doing a fantastic job and this will only get worse.

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I know Delta wanted that, and I can’t find it now but I’m pretty sure there was a follow-up story about how the other airlines weren’t interested. I’ll post it if I do find it.

Holy shit! He broke her nose??? WTH???

Does anyone else remember not long ago when young girls were not allowed to wear leggings on a flight, and a Black woman was told to cover up her romper, and yet they never assaulted any of the staff? And yet, being asked to don a small piece of public health equipment in the midst of a pandemic is cause for violence. Stupid fucking timeline.


OK, so I’ve been giving this some thought on why these overly entitled a$$hol3s pitch a fit when asked to put on a f****ing mask.

I think it’s because this is the first time in their sheltered life that they were told to interact with society that is NOT on their own terms.

Those of us who are LGBT, racial minority, religious minority, women (exception: see "Karens’) are all like; “What? Another rule? Sucks… but… OK.”

It’s also related to the sound medical reason to say, “Wear a mask so you don’t get your fomites all over other people because you might be infectious.” They hear: “How DARE you say I’m infectious! I’m a healthy straight, white, male! And this is America! Not some shiat-hole infectious country!”

Also, they get all bent out of shape because they’re simply a$$hol3s.


It’s past time we did away with the stupid fucking Security Theater we are forced to endure when trying to fly on an airliner.
We can get rid of the Gropers & Body Scans. Instead:
Empty your pockets. Keep your shoes on. Walk thru the metal detector.
Have your carry-on scanned. Wait to board.
Just like the Before Times.

Only additions I would make are:
Have Bomb-Sniffing Dogs available.
And everyone is told that if they act up, they will be at the tender mercies of their fellow passengers… and a Staple Gun is available to deal with the Anti-Maskers.

I’ve had it with these self-entitled Karens & Carlsons fucking up life for the rest of us.


FA Attack Dogs in the aisles?

Passengers need sedation before the flight.