Just another emergency landing after an unruly passenger assaults a flight attendant

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“I’ll beat your ass” and about 2 seconds later “HELP!”


Goodness. Pretty soon, sadly, this topic is going to meed its own meta thread.


Basic human decency is a thing of the past. Not for free would I fly any longer, I’ll take the scenic route.


Post a big sign at the gate: “All unruly passengers will be forcibly vaccinated.” LOL


“and tased.”


And this is why I am hesitant to ever step foot on another plane in my life. They’re cans of despair, packed with meat that’s just itching to go bad.


First time that an air marshal has been involved in a flight dispute? Seems like all the incidents of late have been without.

He’s been filmed in action so I guess he’ll be off rotation for a while.


THIS is the reason I’m not flying this holiday season. I’m not so much worried about flying with the COVID around. I’m comfortable with the various precautions, vaccines, etc. No, I’m more concerned about flying with the COVIDIOTS, MAGAots, and Qnuts.


What are the origins of this ridiculous streak of entitled, selfish assholes?

We can’t simply blame the former commander-in-cheetoes, because if someone had told me in 2016 that it was suddenly OK to behave like this, I’d reply, “no, it certainly isn’t OK to behave like this.” Dumpster 45 may have germinated the seeds, but they had to have been planted long before he arrived.

Was it political, starting with Reagan or his cronies? Was it educational, started by underfunded schools? Was it religious, started by evangelical yee-hawdies in some megachurch? Or is this how uncultured idiots have always lived their lives, but thanks to mobile phone video we all get to see these undiapered adult babies throw tantrums on tiktok?

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The air marshal was one of two people, along with a flight attendant, who were attacked. The attacker was not the air marshal.


Why land? Unruly passengers should be thrown from 36,000 feet imho.

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Involvement meaning doing his job. The Air Marshal of course.

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Ok, why would he be off rotation then?

That’s poetry.

@danimagoo i believe they’re all supposed to be “undercover” as part of their in-flight jobs, so having the AM outed as an AM is liable to result in some changes to their assignments.


Shall we take bets on which political party he supports?


Aahhh, now I get it. Thanks.

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I’ve read stories before about air marshals intervening on the ground. They shot and killed a mentally ill person on a jetway in Miami I think. And an air mashal once did CPR on a heart attack patient in an airport gate area.

But I think this is the first I’ve ever heard of an air marshal actually intervening in flight. And it sounds like they didn’t manage to do anything that any other able bodied passenger would have been able to do–another datapoint for my “FAMs are useless” hypothesis.

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They have a badge and probably a gun so there’s that. Being trained to kill an asshole trying to take down a plane is something that an average passenger isn’t skilled to do. I’d rather have a professional take of business in flight than an adrenaline rushed dad or mom of 4.


At this point, I’m less afraid to fly because of covid and more afraid to fly because of maskless violent assholes…