An ancient recipe for seafood stew


Oh please, please everyone eat the garlic mustard. I spend days every spring pulling that invasive crap out of the woods, and I’m barely making a difference within sight of my own property, there’s acres of the stuff popping up everywhere.

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Is the joke you’re looking for: “And co-incidentally, it is also the most recent example of spices being used in Northern European cooking.”?


They also found a clay tablet that said, “No such thing as too much garlic mustard.”

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Something like that.

To be fair, there’s always salt and pepper. Good old salt and pepper.

Pepper? You mean that newfangled Asian spice?

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Peppers come from Hungary where they’ve been used to make Paprika for hundreds of millions of years. Don’t believe those lying “scientists” with their “evidence” and “facts” and “fossil record”.

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