An archive of every LGBTQ character in 20th century American TV History


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Since “so much of early TV no longer exists” got me thinking.
How far into space will those broadcasts have reached by now? I guess they still exist, but we cant access them (yet). The market for never-recorded TV will be gigantic just as soon as someone invents faster-than-radio-waves travel. Where are the investors? :wink:


This is an amazing list. Thanks for sharing it.


Also, I know it was a Canadian Show, but it was on American TV… why no Kids in the Hall. They had a ton of gay content… It was produced by Loren Michaels and most of the cast works in American TV or in films now.



Radio waves being a form of light makes finding the distance traveled really easy. However many years ago the signal was transmitted, that’s how far it’s gone in light years. The I Love Lucy episode at the top of the list would have passed Aldebaran a couple of years ago. Picking it out from the cosmic background radiation would be the tricky part, given that even the Sun itself isn’t visible without a lot of help at a distance of 67 light years (or 393,867,900,000,000 miles).


Shortly after discovering The Kids In The Hall a friend said to me, “Did you know one of them is gay?” and I said, “Only one?

I always appreciated how LGBTQ-positive they were as a group.


It always cracked me up that they would sometimes have Scott Thompson play an ignorant gay basher… So much gay content on that show, though.


A mere and minor detail once we’ve figured out how to get ahead of the waves, with a big enough array of radio telescopes. Should be a cinch.


No mention of Johnny Carson and “Bruce”. Carson would regularly make gay jokes with a character “Bruce” as the punch line.
When the Hulk was made into a TV show, the name Bruce was so associated with gayness they changed Bruce Banner to David Banner.


More resources like this is great. Here’s another one from an internet friend:


Ah, yes. Early1) documentations on (shudder) non-heterosexuals…
Come to think of it, they are all pretty much like this, only less funny:

1) Or possibly current, depending on location.


So the US wasn’t familiar with the philosophy department of the University of Woolamaloo at that point?



Parlae the Carny?


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