The Kids in the Hall: An Oral History


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had enough mainstream appeal for it to carry over to HBO and later, CBS.

“How far can you coast on charm? Well, pretty far, actually!”


" I crrruusshhh your head."


Can’t let this pass without mentioning their awesome theme music by Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet!


And their appearance in the video for The Odds’ “Heterosexual Man”.


I still go back and rewatch these every year or two. Even today, after a few decades, the comedy and skits stand up. With only a few exceptions, they avoid feeling dated and have a universal, timeless appeal.

I think it’s largely because they avoid topical issues and dealt largely with simple premises. The above doctor coasting on charm. The multiple crazy guys you might see around a large city (the head crusher, the polite axe murderer, etc.). Overall, the wonderful way they took prosaic situations and organically turned them into crazy encounters made this one of the greatest comedy shows on TV. I’d even match it up favorably against the best years of SNL, in the late 70s or early 90s.

If you’ve never seen the Kids in the Hall, you should do so. You won’t be disappointed.




The best. I can’t walk around the Distillery District without thinking about that skit.


To this day I can’t think of the “girly drink drunk” sketch and not have to stifle a giggle. The “I was attacked by a bear!” skit just makes me guffaw.


Bobby vs Satan - predates other comedy skits with similar themes (Waynes World, Garth Brooks vs the Devil on SNL, even a lot of School of Rock).


Why did they have to take the word “gay”?


I love Bruce McCulloch.

Yeah! Yeah! Oh, yeah! Again! Again!

That’s why I get paid the big bucks.


i still quote many KITH lines, and not just “i’m crushing your head,” either – me and my friends will nod sagely to each other and say “well, five Helens agree…” and endless Scott Thompson lines. speaking of which, i was surprised they didn’t mention his Chicken Lady character. i mean, Buddy Cole, sure, gotta have him, but no Chicken Lady??




Back in the 90’s, I was delighted to attend a ‘Girl Drink Drunk’ party. Lots of rum, a platter of cut up tropical fruit, drink umbrellas, and flamingo swizzle sticks.


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