Kids in the Hall to do five reunion shows in Toronto



As if Toronto’s mayor weren’t already providing all the comedy the city needed.


Years ago, they did a reunion show at the Club Soda in Montreal. My buds and I were FIRST IN LINE! Just before the announced time, the troupe shows up, looking a little surprised that there was a long lineup waiting for their show. They waved hello and entered the Club.

At the appointed hour, the doors opened and we went up the stairs. Waiting for us, were the Kids themselves, all lined up, to shake hands with and to thank their fans - very Canadian, eh. When I saw them, all side-by-each, I had a visual image, but I didn’t get the exact right words out and said something unclear and unfunny to whomever’s hand I was shaking.

So, if any boingboingers are going to the shows and if they’re still doing the hand-shakings, do me a favour and ask whichever Kid whose hand you’re shaking: “Are you with the groom’s party or with the bride’s party?”, and report back.

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You know, they’re not known for topical humor (purposely) but I can’t help but wonder if they’ll be able to avoid that whole… situation…

Oh, man, I really hope this leads to another US tour. I’ve been to all of them.

During their first US tour in 2008, I somehow ended up with front row seats and got to briefly physically interact with all the kids (being kissed by Kevin McDonald while he was writhing around in my lap…this was a thing that actually happened). For a guy that only made it through High School by watching Kids in the Hall (which he could only do buy paying for cable and HBO himself so he could watch), this was probably the moment I peaked in life. All downhill from there.


I’ll be across the border in Buffalo at that time, with plenty of free time. But at this particular moment there’s no way I’ll be able to snag a ticket because I’m broke.

In Buffalo (and other border towns presumably) the CBC comes in as part of basic cable, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you could pick it up with an antenna too. So I was able to watch Kids in the Hall all the time as a kid. Didn’t realize everyone else in the US had to have HBO to see it, @Wolfe_Ericson

Yeah, the first few seasons were on HBO (definitely not lucky enough to pick up CBC by antenna in Virginia). The last few were on CBS after Letterman but the local affiliate often didn’t show them, because apparently they thought at 1:30am, I really needed to hear about either Jesus or whatever RonCo was selling that week.

All those heads to be crushed!

Hope Dave Foley avoids getting arrested…

(I thought he was banned from entering Canada because of missed child support payments)

((not that he’s a dead beat, but that he can’t work enough hours in a day to make what he earned during his News Radio days when the amount was set))

Dave’s been able to go back to Canada for awhile now. It’s cool.

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Good to know!

You probably could when it was still analog. I’m not sure about now though. You have a better shot at picking it up over the air than I do though (they shut down the local repeater rather than pay to switch it over).

Funny you say that, when they came to Toronto a few years back (many years back!), they played Massey Hall and instead of getting tickets through Ticketmaster, I called the venue directly and got front row centre an hour after they went on sale. During the show, Kevin McDonald was crouching, leaning on my brother’s knee as he prepared to head on stage, it may have been during the “Head Crusher”. I have my tickets for this show.

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