An Army major was allegedly drugged and bitten by strippers during a drunken escapade in Poland

Citing the Army’s official 15-6 investigation report, Stripes revealed on Monday that Maj. Matthew Conner, the executive officer of the 1st Battalion of the 101st Combat Aviation Brigade, went missing after a night of drinking in Gdansk last year and was later suspected of being drugged and bitten by strippers at an off-limits nightclub.

The officer later told fellow soldiers on the car ride home that he suspected the champagne he was given at the club was laced with drugs, according to the report. He said he received multiple lap dances and showed multiple receipts adding up to 50,000, though it wasn’t clear whether that was U.S. dollars or Polish zloty, which is roughly equivalent to $13,000.

The report said strippers “bit his nipples to keep him awake, and repeatedly had his card swiped.” Though the report did not determine how the night ended, Conner was found in a different hotel the next morning by the unit’s sergeant major and battalion commander, Lt. Col. Matthew Fix.

Is he “repeatedly had his card swiped” some sexual euphemism that I’m unfamiliar with due to my absence at Polish Strip Clubs?


As I understand it, the weird part of the story is not the events told in the story, it’s the rank of the guy caught doing it.

Vets are full of insane drinking stories. Either ones that they got in trouble for, their friends got in trouble for, or they were called on to do damage control for.


Stripes: “Strippers nip nipples, Major’s major charge card charged by pole dancing Poles”


His army career ruined, he should head to Florida and run for a GOP House Seat…


Stripes: “Tough Titties”

(I’ll see myself out.)


Booze, a strip club and a major gone missing: How a 101st Airborne unit went off the rails in Poland


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