An artist re-imagined Dazzler from the X-Men, played by Taylor Swift

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I bet she’ll have some beautiful gowns.


Yes, I’m sure Disney will get right behind a character opposing the IP landlord class.


Kanye West would have to be cast as the villain.

Then, later in the film, we discover the real villain is mental illness.


Ugh. No thanks. I’m sure there are thousands of blonde singer who have some actual experience acting aside from videos and Instagram stories. Marvel (MCU, at least) has done really well by not going after the most obvious casting choices, but rather looking at the actual ability to act.

Other than that, yeah the artwork is great. :+1:t3:


In the comics, she ate Klaw (now played by Andy Serkis) alive, and became a herald of Galactus. I wonder if we’ll get Galactus in the MCU?

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Yes please!

(disclaimer: I am wearing a Taylor Swift folklore cardigan right now, so I may be biased)

(also my current Fallout 4 character is Taylor Squiffed, running around in fabulous outfits while rebuilding the Commonwealth)

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With all apologies to @Yri whose fandom of Ms. Swift is legendary, I’m just not feeling it. But I’m also not a real big fan of Ms. Swift’s body of music, though I appreciate her views on some topics and am glad she’s had success.

Joan Jett and PJ Harvey would be my choices, but probably no one else’s (PJ in particular would be awesome). But I could flex for Miley Cyrus, who is reinventing herself constantly and doing some great stuff (plus already knows how to act… bonus!).

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