An enlarged prostate could prevent tumors from growing

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O hell. Does this mean I have to stop um… exercising my prostate?


“Don’t bring me a problem without suggesting a solution. How do you get the biggest prostate possible?”


yes let it grow, eventually i will just be a walking talking prostate. but i’ll be a cancer free walking talking prostate

edit: update to be clear no i will not accept the republican nomination in 2020


Yeah, but I bet it also puts pressure on the urethra going through it.

This if not anything else should silence the idiot “intelligent design” guys, but no such luck.


Eyes should have silenced the “intelligent design” fools, but no such luck.

Seriously, eyes, are appallingly designed - I have to … look through a misty red lay of blood cells? Why!? All the nerves are on the front, then have to exit out the back in a bundle creating a blindspot? WTF thought up that one?


I figure some of the guys behind intelligent design are old white guys . . . with prostate problems.

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Like Degrasse-Tyson says,

Who’d put a water park up against a sewage plant?


A civil engineer?


Find an elephant?

Aha, it is Intelligent Design!

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This whole scenario is such an edge case with so many variables and unknowns I’m astounded anybody had the nouse to even suggest this conclusion.
Correlation is not causation, blahblahblah

Bad analogy to make a good point.
Practically every water park there is uses water that has been through some sort of sewage plant at some time.
As long as you don’t combine the sewage plant with the water park you’re good.


But then how do you lubricate the slip-and-slide? :thinking:

That’s a question. Here’s another question: How would you feel about having a prostate the size of a watermelon?

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Cold sweat.
Sweat is always a little greasy.

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Isn’t that the secret of Kim Kardashian booty?



So with people with enlarged prostates, you are at risk of going into urinary retention right? i.e. can’t pee. Because the prostate surrounds and presses on the urethra.

And when that happens you often have to put in a catheter.

And the layperson/med student might think you wanna use a small bore catheter, as the hole is rather small. But actually you need to use a larger one, otherwise it’s likely to kink and not allow urine flow.

So my question is this - what does adding a large bore catheter, adding additional pressure effect on the prostate do to cancer progression?

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