The science of ever-larger Godzillas


Yes, but would it still only take 21 seconds for it to happen?


I don’t think Godzilla is a mammal.


According to my calculations, that much pee is 11 times the given body weight. I call BS.


For comparison, the 5500 kilo elephant in @HurfDurf’s slide urinates 208 kilos of water per day. Assuming a similar ratio for Godzilla he would urinate about 2080 kilos of water, or 550 gallons, a far cry from the 151 million gallons the article suggests.

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Ignore the fact-based math critiques, Maggie! For this: “They never show you all the people who died, drowned in Godzilla’s urine”, you win the Internet.

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Um, even worse: as a rule reptiles don’t urinate. His turds would probably be titanic and messy, but given reptiles’ slow but efficient metabolisms, his output wouldn’t be that impressive.

King Caesar (Shisa), on the other hand…you know how you can find fresh water a hundred miles out to sea from the mouth of the Amazon? I’m imagining something similar in Okinawa…


The new Godzilla is 350 feet tall (110 meters).

That bit says he pees 150 million gallons of urine a day.
In cubic feet, that would be 20 million, or a cube 171 feet tall, wide, and long.

I don’t think I buy this.   A human pees 1-2 liters a day.
Not a mass that’s roughly half the human’s size.

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Well, at least he wouldn’t drown in his own urine, assuming he kept it in a perfect cube somehow and even if you add his displacement. There is still a danger of being crushed by his stool however.

Maybe its a case of a bladder the size of a coffee pot, pretty much causing Godzilla to urinate constantly. Stomp! Squish! His screams translate to “dammit not again”.

However here something to look forward to the 2050 version of the lizard, flammable urine! Giant wang flamethrower. I’d go see that movie.

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Just imagine if his master lets loose.
Optipess - Godzilla!

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Does Godzilla even use a stool? I bet he has a big armchair.
Oh… you meant…


Many catgirls died for this discussion.

And there’d be someone holding his leash too. Cthulhu is also only a minion.

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It’s minions all the way down…


Now you’ve got me picturing aircraft designed to carry a bunch of godzillae around on their hols, the associated facilities and the city-smashing size of frozen cubes of urine dropping out of the sky.

Someone needs to take a course on number precision. Same as the TV folks who do things like “The parachutist jumped from a mile up, or 1609.34 meters.”

It would likely be highly radioactive, considering the monster we’re talking about here.

So it wouldn’t be the volume that would kill you, it would be the gamma rays emanating from the urine.

Would likely cause all kinds of long term problems for sewers when the urine flowed down into them and the radioactive particles started to infiltrate the water supply.

So Godzilla pisses heavy water?

Probably not a huge problem for residents assuming most of it flushes down the storm drains in relatively short order.