Daily orgasms can greatly reduce risk of prostate cancer


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Could I get a hand with this?


You beat me to it!


In other words “No, your health insurance plan probably isn’t going to cover that service.”


Yes, but is it worth going blind and having to shave my palms everyday in order to avoid prostate cancer?


Timothy Leary wrote about this (in Wired, I think) shortly before he died; wherein he concluded this very thing and proclaimed: “Use it or lose it!”

Now if you’ll excuse me - my personal health is calling me.


But why the finger in the ass? Why? For the love of god why??

But yeah daily orgasms. I’ll give that a “try” ahahahahha :sunglasses:



And not even a kiss on the cheek afterwards.


I forsee this thread getting rather rude, and full of wankers.


But do we get free treatment for carpal tunnel?


It’s not already?

BBS: come for the dick jokes, stay for the puns. :wink:


“Honey, this is Settled Science.”



Jesus Christ, doesn’t anyone fucking knock anymore?


Moi!? I would never! I can’t believe you think there isn’t a Ray of hope for me. I would never Skate by on a bad pun.