Good news for high-frequency masturbators


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I am confused … is 4-7 times considered high or low frequency ??? :slight_smile:


Per month, low; per day, average. :wink:

Looks like 4-7 is the low group and over 21 is the high frequency group.


Yeah… I’d be surprised if any male under 30 masturbated less than 10 times a month. I’d be even more surprised if the average of all males under 30 is between 4-7 times a month.


high-frequency masturbators



Well… Aphex Twin and Micheal Paradinis are “Expert Knob Twiddlers”


I read the title and imagined it was about people who get off on 20kHz and upwards.


Skrillex Kleenex.


Ivor Biggun never said that was an advantage


Damn, at my best I can’t manage more than about 4 cycles per second.



Does like regular sex count or must it be masturbation? :expressionless:


20 Hurts (Hz)


Timothy Leary pointed out all this back in 1995 -


Depends on the study, actually. An initial study indicated that sex didn’t have the same effect (presumably because of unknown, cancer-causing STDs), but subsequent studies have shown it does, so…?


Good news for high-frequency MALE masturbators.


I might be showing my age (then again, some things really are eternal) but this sounds like it’s going to be cited (ahem!) frequently in attempts to persuade young ladies. The script is old, this is just a new clause.


And for the women who love us them.


Prostate cancer is the new blueballs.


I am sure the high frequency female masturbators have an even lower risk of prostate cancer.