Cancer and coffee: new study suggests 4 cups a day could reduce prostate cancer risks


Of course, all-cause mortality might be more important to the practically inclined. Wasn’t there a study not long ago suggesting increased risk of death from excessive coffee consumption, at least among the somewhat younger (less than sixty)? The more of these studies I see, the more it appears that I can only reduce my overall risk of death slightly, but at least I can choose what is most likely to kill me by making appropriate lifestyle choices.

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Does the study say how the coffee is to be adminstered?


caused by what exactly? Or is this one of those stupid correlation studies?

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Seems pretty self explanatory


So, from things I’ve been reading lately, I have to wonder: is this because I’ll die due to excess caffeine intake before I’m diagnosed with prostate cancer?


That’s a lotta coffee! I find that I reek of coffee the entire day (like through my pores?!) even if I drink a whole cup, or a mini expresso. I can’t imagine with 4 cups O.o

you’d need to drink 90 cups of coffee before you run the risk of death.

However, this might not be possible, since your body will expel the caffeine at the rate that you drink it, the only way to really do this is by taking caffeine supplements in pill form.

I can’t imagine limiting myself to 4 cups a day.


Don’t worry, next week another study will come out warning us all that drinking coffee increases the risk of dying to some other super horrible condition.

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Caffeine intake seems to pose no long-term excess mortality, apart from weak correlations like this one. Additionally, at least for males, the overwhelming majority of these weak correlations are toward better health (less cancer, less Parkinson’s, etc.). There is a theoretical threat of increased breast and ovarian cancer, but this not been verified.

The only solid threat caffeine poses is short-term overdose, which is incredibly difficult unless you swallow a few bottles of No-Doz.

The list of health benefits of coffee keep getting longer and longer. Although, ironically, it looks like the list of health benefits of coffee on Wikipedia has gotten considerably shorter sometime in the past few months, no doubt due to some editor’s belief that since this seems counter-intuitive to what we’ve always been told, the long list had undue weight.

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Soon to be followed by a tiny back page correction saying that a review of the study had concluded that the article had it exactly backwards.

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Gotta love this: “Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle…” no bias there, eh, fellows? They probably have a Starbucks right there in the lab!

“No, no, we SWEAR this shit’ll cure cancer! And AIDS!”

I’m amused at people who measure their coffee intake in cups. I have my daily “maintenance pot” and see where the day takes me.

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Other condition? Even odds it’ll be cancer. Found one - bladder cancer.
So coffee will protect one organ, fuck up the one beside it, studies show.

masturbation works too


You ain’t kidding. There was an early-90s essay by Timothy Leary, who was suffering from prostate cancer, about how some organs serve the species and are usually the ones that kill the individual after they have completed their primary function. The prostate aids in ejaculation, the ovaries produce the eggs, mammary glands nurture the young of the species, etc.
Leary’s conclusion? “Use it or lose it”.

Eureka! That’s the mechanism! Coffee keeps you awake, therefore more time for masturbation.


Well, here’s hoping I won’t need that prostate much. Cup of tea or two a day is the max I can deal with caffeine wise.