An excited pet hamster inhales spaghetti strands at breakneck speed

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Yes, but then did he pull it out his nose?

(Yes, I know the trick typically works in reverse…)


No #pastagram or #pastasofinstagram hashtags? Shame!

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Wait until tomorrow.



But do you cook it or eat it raw?

And what is it about that voiceover. Is it a bot? Sounds British, but his noodle sounds almost like newdle at first, the tom-A-to? Please this is too much.


That looks like me gobbling up Cheeto Puffs.


A demonstration by “Roger” the orangutan.


Highly relatable.

Yeah, text-to-speech. For some reason I see it used in a lot in videos, and I don’t know why.


Probably because they can just sample a voice for about 20 minutes and then you’ve got that voice for anything you want to write, forever.

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It allows those that are only visually fluent in a language, or who use machine translation, to make narrated videos.
It avoids discrimination based on an accent or perceived race or gender
It provides anonymity
It doesn’t require a quiet recording environment, hardware, or sound editing skills

Just a few benefits. I’m sure there are others.


Does it matter?


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One day as we were shopping for pet food, I told mom about some of the unspeakable things that end up in most commercial canned dog food. She was horrified, and bought them only crunchies. We fed them the cans we had left, and from then on, we cooked for them. Cornmeal and chicken backs (a Jamaican recipe), good ground beef (or lamb when the store had it) w/rice or pasta, chicken breasts (after the poultry joint where we bought chicken backs closed) w/rice or pasta, canned mackerel or tuna in a pinch - I’d make it look like sushi, all with some added veg.

Once in a while we’d give them spaghetti or the like, and watching them disappear it was more than enjoyable tophat-biggrin


I just have this horrific image of the hamster being threaded, the pasta coming out the other end just like it went in :face_vomiting:

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Yeah, I can understand those usages (though they make me sad), but I see text-to-speech being used when none of that seems to be the case. I can still understand using tts when there’s a lot of VO required, and it would be a lot quicker than recording multiple takes, but I see it used very frequently in videos with just a few lines of text.

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Hold my Chianti…

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