An extinct dog breed once labored in our kitchens, running on spit-turning wheels


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As the dog ran, like a hamster in a cage, the spit turned.

Sadly, this is a perfect analogy of modern human existence.


Still just a rat in a cage… :notes:


That’s some real Flintstones shit right there.


Probably a fantastic dog for someone who doesn’t like walking them. Pooch can get their exercise indoors, over in the corner somewhere, provided that they have the exercise wheel. Then they could hook up the wheel to a generator and charge up a laptop. The breed would be perfect for the modern era.


I think not. they’d be like Dalmations, always full of energy, needing to run and run and run. Let them out of their little wheel before they’re ready to sleep and they’ll tear around the house endlessly.


Well la-di-da with your fancy dogs and kitchen conveniences. Pretty sure no one in my ancestry had a vernepator cur, nor a chain-driven spit, nor probably roast beef.


I have an easy solution to this problem, but not sure I can eat enough spit-roasted meat to make it feasible…


I heard a podcast once that said when the first animal cruelty laws prohibited using dogs in this manner, they just substituted small slave children instead. The ASPCA director at the time was horrified but could do nothing because there were no laws against abusing children. He went on too get the first laws passed about protecting children as well

(Like I said, I heard this on a podcast. Right this minute I can’t find documentation. So I would be happy for anyone to follow up with better information)


I don’t think a breed can become extinct, can it? Unlike a species, you can always repeat the breeding for roughly the same results, right?


Your ancestors had kitchens? How my ancestors dreamed of having a kitchen. House? Yours were lucky to have a HOUSE! Mine used to live in one room, all hundred and twenty-six of them, no furniture. Half the floor was missing; they were all huddled together in one corner for fear of FALLING!


Plus its not like you can train a dog to use a litterbox. They still have to do their business outside.


Your family had a room? MY family lived in a hole in the ground in the middle of the road …


Two words; Border Collies.


Eh, it’s a living.


There was at least one alive in the UK in the 70s…



Runs a bit rough


They were evicted from their hole in the ground; they had to go and live in a lake!