An illustrated microhistory of micronations


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They forgot Dumbfuckastan, it’s populated with Reich Wing Loonies & Tin Foil Hat Aficionados.


Meh. I have enough trouble with TSA and customs when I travel already, thanks.


My Back Yard is actually a micronation, but unfortunately I am not a citizen because I inhabit nearby My House. I tried to go out there, but they’ve armed the border. I have no idea how the lawnmower man gets in there. He’s not telling. I suspect magic.


They can’t very well include Dumbfuckastan, since it hasn’t yet officially declared sovereignty. Until then, they’d have to refer to it by its current official name, “Trump Tower”.


Somewhere in my storage closet I’ve got some of the founding papers from the Nation of Minerva, a ~1970s attempt at upgrading a South Pacific coral reef to form a libertarian micronation. Unfortunately for them, the King of Tonga invaded and took the place. (Tonga’s about 450 miles away, and Fiji about 200.) They later put out some very decorative silver-with-gold-decoration coins, and maybe some stamps.


He probably has a work visa. DIfficult - but not impossible - to get. The lawn mower man is probably connected.


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