The secret world of hidden independent nations


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Me, I’ve already booked my trip to Molvania for Spring Break next year.


Not a movie, but Thomas Perry did an awesome and awesomely funny novel about the rise of a micro state, Island, in the '80s. Can’t recommend too highly.


Gee, it makes me grateful that I don’t rely upon other countries for mines validation and self-worth. This fails my sovereignty Bechdel test.


It was called The Mouse that Roared, and it was quite good!


Does it include The Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes and of Malta?


This article seems to conflate actual separatist movements like Ogoniland with joke movements like Sealand. While I find the latter amusing, whatever you think of the legitimacy of separatist movements, they exist for more serious reasons than the right to make their own stamps.


The article recognises that too.

Despite these more eccentric examples, Middleton wouldn’t consider trying to set up a country himself. “Having trawled through so many serious stories of yearning and oppression, I don’t think it’s appropriate to take it too light heartedly,” he says. “For so many people it’s a matter of life or death.”


Well I’ve been thinking of incorporating myself so the Republicans will give me free stuff, but why stop there? If I was a sovereign nation, maybe I could get me some of that Iraq baksheesh!


I thought Sealand was a serious attempt to provide actual offshore hosting free of interference, not a whimsical souvenir stamp/coin/knighthood seller.


Or “Passport to Pimlico” too I guess.


Or both… :wink:


One can also get a NSK passport, and there used to be a website where one could get a Yugoslav passport (post-Yugoslavia). So there are also states that are intentionally virtual as well.

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