Is Dougiestan the first Piconation?




Nope, he’s not the first. The “Sovereign Citizen” movement has been around awhile.


Maybe this guy read Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash. Mr. Leguin’s claim to sovereign status would be helped immensely by possession of a suitcase nuke.


I’m sure they’d listen to REASON.


Right and its particulars are deeply tied to things like Posse Comitatus groups, the Militia and Patriot movements and other far right crazy shit. It was also pretty much the source of all that Cliven Bundy craziness a while back.


The Sovereign Citizens are notorious cop killers, often ambushing police when the “Sovereigns” get pulled over for expired tags. It was not a big shock when a couple of Bundy’s fans killed two cops in Las Vegas.


I’m not sure how this sovereign citizen thing works, but couldn’t his actions be considered an act of war upon another nation?


No man is a nation?1

1 but in a bathtub you can be a whole continent.


I don’t know so much if this is about him being a Nanonation. I watched the whole thing. I don’t think he’s a right winger by any means. He hates what he thinks America has become and was willing to go to extreme measures in order to get the media to listen to him. That is the extremely sad part.

I do give the Ft. Worth station credit for playing the whole unedited version. I wonder if he knows.


Sovereign nationhood for everybody!


Not really, since the list of “micronations” in the past has included a teenager who set one up in his bedroom. This guy is just another asshole who thinks that his Get Out Of Jail Free card really works.


In this case, it constitutes a full scale invasion. On the other hand, killing him would be genocide.

On a related note, what kind of person starts a dumpster fire in order to attack emergency responders?


To the best of my knowledge nation states with actual nation state cred don’t go down that path, because it would involve acknowledging the statehood of the ‘sovereign citizen’ before crushing them. Given how much of a hassle they can be to litigate against(stubborn assertion that legal documents with one’s name in capital letters are nonbinding because they actually refer to a fictitious legal person created by a conspiracy between the federal government and various shadowy entities really gum up the works) I imagine that law enforcement might prefer to just meet them in pitched battle, nation state style; but the legal implications would be tricky.


Wow, Fox News was right! Not only are we threatened by illegal immigrants from Mexico, but also from illegal Americans within the USA! Someone should build a dang fence around this guy.


This is definitely a terrorism tactic. Two bombs: one to cause injuries, the second to kill, don’t detonate the second one until the ambulances get there. If the word “terrorist” meant what it was supposed to mean (instead of “person the government doesn’t recognize the rights of”) this guy would be one of those.


He should have just incorporated himself - as a corporate body he could probably be exempt from some of those pesky rules that interfere with sovereignty.


I wonder what he considers to be his domain - is it just the limits of his body (perhaps with a little personal space added on), or is his property also considered sovereign territory? If he is walking around, does the area around him constitute a new part of his territory? I mean, that wouldn’t be without precedent, but does he at least have a flag?


Whatever he pees on?


Just his body and all ocean water within 12 nautical miles of it.