An infinitely expanding gallery of pure handsome


Rules of the game: oh, it’s gotta be on. That’s the only rule. Live blogging of It Being On is encouraged.


Point of no return.

Am I in the 90s again?

Who is that handsome so and so? Oh, it’s on.


Please post your Oh, It’s On’s.


Thank you for not dropping anchor in the 90s.


I like the new look!


My lip is cold. I need some sort of face Merkin.


How about a knitted beard?


The white beard with the knitted cap is blowing my mind. I’d have to get an Aran sweater and some Wellington’s to really pull off the look though.

Oh, and die in an unexpected squall off the coast of Orkney.


Oh, it’s off. (Still looking good, though!)


Oh shit. Now you look trustworthy. This is bad.


RatWoman says she would recommend a haircut and some eyebrow-scaping. On the one hand, she cuts my hair with a power tool, so you might want to take the recommendation with a grain or two of salt. On the other hand, she used to be a cosmetologist (or is “aesthetician” the term nowadays?) so she does know something about it.



My eyebrows are infuriating. They are neither well sculpted enough to look effortless, nor wild enough to look awesome. Something shall be done (I’m voting for eyebrow extensions, but I may get overruled)


Only if you use them to form a monobrow.


This is… different.


A monobrow that connects with your hair?

Or the Rowan?


It is really, really tempting to go a full on monobrow–basically a circle around your head–and what i call a mane, which is a neck beard+sideburns+sideways mohawk all at the same time.

But if I did that then @BanjoKat might disown me.


Ahem. I said @banjokat. (Checks non existent watch, starts tapping right foot)


no cat comes because a mere human wants so


I vote WITH my eyebrows! (I need regular pruning.)

Nice look japh, it’s good.