An interview with legendary bass player Carol Kaye

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I became aware of her from the Carol Keen character in Mrs. Maisel


Absolutely watch the documentary “The Wrecking Crew”, in which she features fairly prominently.


Third the wrecking crew as a must watch.


She is an inspiration for sure!

The Wrecking Crew documentary is a fantastic watch - well worth your time.

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" Unless you’re a hardcore music nerd" Woo hoo ! I want my badge right now !

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The only problem i have with documentaries like this they destroy my childhood illusions. The Beach Boys didn’t play their own music? I did not need to know that.

I don’t know. I’ve watched it several times, and I can’t find the bass player.


Keep your childhood illusions. Don’t look behind the curtain: Simon and Garfunkle, The Byrds, The Association, Buffalo Springfield, and, brace yourself, Milli Vanilli.


From the article: Fans continue to lobby for her induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

?? You’d think she would have been inducted years ago.


Ohio Players @bluecat?

There’s a great clip of her showing Gene Simmons how it’s done:

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I studied w/her in LA in the 70’s when she was teaching. Great musician, lady, & advanced soul.
Talked to her several times at NAMM shows therafter-always gracious & generous. A place in the R n’ R Hall of Fame is well deserved.

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Another good wrecking crew piece - Love this bass line.

Hell, she shoulda been inducted had she done nothing more than the bass line to Wichita Lineman.

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Carol Kaye is an absolute legend. She has played bass on so many iconic songs.

I highly recommend the Wrecking Crew documentary. It’s on Hulu.

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