An Ohio couple and their twins all share the same birthday

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In this case, all four of them!


What does a family do? Share one cake, or bake 4 separate cakes?

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… um, except I don’t believe twins’ birthdays are statistically independent from each other :thinking:


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Damn, all I can think is that this would kind of suck, because all the pleasures of the individual birthday would be gone - being able to dictate what you’d like to do or eat (or even have those tailored to you by others), for instance. (Though I say this as someone who hasn’t celebrated his birthday in 20 years, so what do I know.) But maybe I’m thinking about it wrong, and the communal birthday would make for a nice family celebration, something equivalent to a Christmas that exists only within that family, but potentially with all the special feelings that can arise from such a holiday. Still though, there’s no way there won’t be only a quarter the amount of cake, overall.


As someone whose birthday is the day after Christmas (my dad’s is ON Christmas), it does kinda suck having to share attention. (I also felt like my present quality/quantity suffered because everyone is strapped from Christmas time.) But, your parents can still make a point to make it special.

Though Twins have to share EVERYTHING, I get the impression that the twin bond makes that ok. And when you’re a kid, grown up birthdays just don’t garner the same attention as kid ones.


I wouldn’t take those odds but one of the easiest bar bets to win is two people in a bar will share a birthday.

Understanding the Birthday Paradox – BetterExplained).

As far as sharing a birthday with our daughter that wouldn’t be bad for her because of course she’d be the center of attention from us on her birthday.


I’m a twin and a parent of twins so I have some experience there; sharing the celebration is really not a bad thing as long as you’re not a selfish person by nature.


Good timing. Get it all over with on one day a year and be done with it. You just can’t fault the sheer efficiency of this.


My dad’s falls on Halloween, and he had four boys.

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New Year’s Eve here

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the text in this article says "The family will all celebrate together every year on August 14th. " but the video says 18th.

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No, but the odds of a birth being twins needs to be accounted for. I think it’s on the order of 1%? If they weren’t twins and all four had the same birthday, that’s even less likely.

Odds of two parents and a kid having the same birthday (assuming parents sharing a birthday didn’t have any impact on their getting together): 1/(365^2).

Odds of two parents and twins having the same birthday: ~1/(365^2*100)

Odds of two parents and two non-twin kids having the same birthday: 1/(365^3)

I’m assuming this was a natural birth, not induced or c-section, and they weren’t aiming for the shared birthday? Otherwise the quoted odds don’t apply.

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